Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Gift for Dragon

A small gift box tied with a ribbon is sitting on the bed.   Inside the box are a few things from around the house.  Nothing new.  

The glass dildo.   A little smaller than I would like but it is effective.   A hand of ginger and a pairing knife.  A latex glove and lubricant along with a condom.

I wish I could put his belt in the box but he is wearing it.   The paddle is to loud for the house and the garage is to cold for play.  

I bet Dragon will figure it out.   The dildo to prepare my body for the ginger.  The glove and lubricant for vag fisting.   Together? I think it would be devine... intense?  Absolutely!

I am sure he will surprise me with a few things too.   I just hope both of us feel like playing tonight.  

I want to tell him thank you for the gift he brought me!  A new magic wand.   So yummy!   The old one has been repaired several times and is not the seriously delicious toy it was.

What else should I add to the box? Oh my...


  1. This is so sweet Rose...hope you get a chance to play.


  2. OMG-- I hope you have a great time!!!