Thursday, May 30, 2013

In With The New

It was very nice hearing from a few of my readers!  I deleted about 15 inactive blogs.  All inactive for over a year and added 5 or 6 new blogs.  Two are in the very beginning stages of DD.  How exciting. That is my favorite kind of blog.  I love reading about growing relationships and new discoveries.

What did I discover last night?  Dragon can has not lost his touch!  He sent me into the stratosphere!  He had me kneel on a blanket with my back bare.  He was tired from work so he sat in a chair as he flogged my back.  It was all about sensual sensation and feel good.  No pain, no fear.  Just simply heaven.  A leather rain gently falling across my back and chest.

By the time he was done I couldn't hold up my head.  I could barley answer him when he asked me for my color.  When I said green, he had me repeat it several times to make sure I hadn't used a distress word.  I was in that floaty space just beyond subspace.  The one where I completely disconnect from reality.  It is a very good place to be.  When he finally figured out what was going on, the worry bear look went away and he looked very satisfied with himself.

I would say that we are definitely reconnecting.  We weren't really disconnected but just a little off track with DD.  Too much stress and too much life.  I hope this lasts!  I have missed the closeness DD and kink bring to our relationship.

I will do my part.


  1. I love that place, Rose. So glad you got to fly :)


  2. Flying above the clouds - love that floaty space.

    1. It felt great to get there again. It has been too long.

  3. Yay for floaty place! It's so awesome that you are reconnecting.