Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Right Way or The Easy Way

Yesterday Dragon warned me once about attitude on the phone.  That was just a warning but then I got sassy.  By the time he got home, the weather was nasty.  Wind, thunder, lightening and weather warning surrounding us.  We were up late tracking the storms and making sure we were ready if it hit us.  Some things you can't prepare for but it makes you feel useful to try.

The worst of it was past us.  It was way past any reasonable bed time and we were headed that way.  I was talking to one of the kids about school work and how unhappy I was with her over her lack of progress and hiding bad grades.  AND IT HAPPENED.

What was I thinking?

Obviously I wasn't thinking at all.

I let it slip into the conversation way to casually.  Like a word I use on a daily basis.  A part of my vocabulary that is well used and comfortable.

What was the word?

I am embarrassed to say.

It was the F bomb.

Dragon caught it.  He got very quiet and headed off to bed.

After I said good night, I headed off to bed not knowing what to expect.  Dragon asked casually if we had a paddle in the bed room.  I said no without looking in the hiding spot.

He was tired.  The weather was still bad even though we were out of immediate danger.

Now, I have no guilt over what I did.  Which is probably a bad thing but Dragon thought I deserved a punishment.

The easy thing would be to let it pass without comment.

The right thing?  When Dragon comes home from work, I should hand him the paddle.  Weather is a legitimate reason to postpone a punishment.  Honestly, I earned it twice over.  Dragon would say that it has been too long but has it really?

When he comes home, I will have supper ready or nearly ready when he walks in the door.  After we eat, I will hand him the paddle and tell him that a weather/work delay is fine.  Ignoring it isn't.

Ok.  Honesty time.  I feel guilty over sassing him.  He doesn't like me to cuss and I did anyway.  But he isn't home all day with these kids.  He doesn't see how bull headed they can be over school work.

Handing him the paddle will end with a major punishment.  This is so hard to do.


  1. You were stressed with the kids and their schoolwork and if you live anywhere near where we were the weather was frightful and the waiting to see what's going to happen makes us do things we wouldn't normally do. Don't go beating yourself up, talk about it and let him decide. After all, he is the HOH isn't he? You may end up getting paddled but then again you may not.

    1. True. That storm was so unpredictable. Changing directions, tornadoes forming and then breaking apart and reforming. We didn't know what to expect. One of the many direction changes made the worst of it miss us.

      Maybe you are right. We usually try to have a little time to ourselves after we eat. I'll talk to him them. It is hard but it is the right thing to do.

      I worry about my two oldest kids too. They have fought me so hard on their school work but public school is not an option for us. I work so hard to give them a good education. It is frustrating when they throw it away. I would be willing to bet that public school teachers feel the same frustration and worry at times.

    2. My daughter and son-in-law are both in education and yes they both feel very frustrated with both the kids and the system.

      If I remember correctly the two oldest should be old enough to realize what a good education means and how important it is as they go out into the world. Maybe Dragon should give them a pep talk. Perhaps it would be like going to the principal's office. Just thinking outloud.

    3. Wow! My pep talk did some good. I just checked the second oldest computer. 14 assignments and she is still going. There may be hope!

  2. So glad the outside storm passed and everything is OK where you live. Now about the storm inside - I have to agree with Sunny. Talk to him about it. Vent out your frustrations about the weather and kids and school and let him decide.
    Good luck!

    1. I will. I think after last night I have to. I am pretty sure that a spanking is in my future. I can hope for a stress relief rather than a punishment. Big difference.

  3. Hang in there Rose...Scary weather and Teens! argh...They can both be very trying and uncontrollable but at least the teens can be reasoned with (kinda sorta LOL). Think everyone has given you great with Dragon...if I were you, I would definitely include an apology in that talk.

    Sending lots of positive energy your way.


    1. Add in computers and you have one very frazzled mom. Dragon accepted my apologies. We had this conversation over the phone just in case but it ended well.

  4. Ooops.. Sometimes it can just slip out. I don't curse now, but I did use the S word when I was younger. In the most stressful times, especially in a life or death emergency at work, I would let it out. My young co-workers would look at me in astonishment, as they didn't ever think I did that. Sometimes it is just a reflex, and it should be treated differently than delibrate (in my own opinion which doesn't amount to much). Hope you are met with grace. Love and prayers, Belle L.

    1. That is me. I don't use ugly words most of the time. Sometimes the stress of being a home school mom gets the best of me. Probably why pooh bear worked so hard today.

      Dragon approached it like he does everything with me. With Love and kindness. Love my man

  5. Aah Rose, stress does all sorts of things to us and we slip. It sounds like Dragon handled this and you very well.

    Glad that storm missed you!