Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hall pass

I get a hall pass this time.  I spent most of day updating the software on 4 laptops.  It took most of the day.  I had to sort curticulum, figure out which kid needed which subject and package one disk to return it.

I was frustrated and brain fried.  Dragon understood that better than I did.

Dropping the F bomb wasnt appropriate but it was effective.  Pooh Bear finished 14 lessons.  Now that was a shocker.  Then she clesned the kitchen.

The oldest is working on a budget.  She tells me that she is moving out as soon as she finishes high school

A mom can hope...

Maybe I should use the F bomb morr often.

but then maybe not.  My bottom would stay sore and it wouldnt shock the kids any more.

 A good ending to a long day


  1. Hey happy your Dragon understands you so well and you had a good ending to a long day. Glad the worst of the weather missed you! Stay safe.


  2. Hall pass...awesome! I love them :)

  3. Dang benadryl. I didn't even get a good girl spanking. After supper, Dragon decided I was to loopy and put me to bed. 50 mg knocks me on my backside every time.

  4. Sorry you didn't even get a gg but it was better than getting a punishment. Using For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge proved to be effective

    Don't you just love how they threaten and think like if going to be so wonderful when they leave home. Then the real world steps in and WOW all of a sudden life at home doesn't look so bad.

    1. After a few weeks straight of Ramen noodles I am sure she will be singing that tune.

      I didn't get my gg but he gave me a few love taps this morning. I will take what I can get. Dragon has one of those rare off days. So, of course, he gets called away. He heard children hurt and he was out the door.