Monday, May 13, 2013

Sunday, The Spanking Day

Sunday is the one day we know Dragon is going to have off.  It is the one day a week we have to do things as a family.  So.....  We did.  We spent the day at a local lake.  It was okay I guess.  Loud music and obnoxious people triggered Dragon's PTSD for a little while but he worked past it pretty fast.

We fed the fish some bait.  Fishing would indicate actually catching fish.  Ate lunch out of my very nice picnic basket and swam.  We all had fun.  Just had that one little ruff spot.  We haven't found a good fishing hole down here yet.  Still looking.  There are a few possibilities close by.  A fishing/swimming hole would be perfect.

After the truck was unloaded and supper was fixed, it was time for mom and dad to have a little private time.      The garage was the perfect temperature.  Just a little cool.  I shivered when Dragon pulled my shorts and panties down but I didn't stay cold for long.  He sat in a chair I hadn't noticed before and pulled me across his lap.  Lightly he began.  Little light taps that left only a faint sting.  Every so slowly the tempo increased and the heat began to build.  

By the end of spanking I was trying to wiggle out of the way.  I have to say that my bottom is deliciously sore today.  Every time my clothes rub against the tender skin I am reminded of his touch.  Perfect.

How was this different from a punishment?  No lecture.  No tears.  It started soft and increased slowly.  A punishment starts hard and stays hard.  He had constant contact with me.  Touching, rubbing and fondling.  I don't think he has ever given a punishment over his lap and during a punishment he doesn't want to decrease the sting at all.  

It was a nice ending to a very nice day.

Now about mothers day.  Nope we don't celebrate mothers day at all.  Why?  I asked for these kids.  I am the one who had sex and got pregnant.  I asked to be a mom.  If anything I think we should have Kids day.  A day to thank our children for giving us so much joy and love.   It seems a little selfish to me to insist on presents and a special dinner to recognize something I take so much joy in doing.   I did it for years but now it all just seems silly.   

I do understand that others like to recognize the day.  That is why my grandmother got a call Saturday and why my mom will get a call today.  No gifts.  No extra travel.  No special dinner.  No big expectations of "I AM MOM GIVE ME PRESENT"

For us?  Just a normal Sunday.  Our family together, spending time together and having a little fun.  A perfect day.


  1. Sounds perfect and as I always say, everyone has their own way to live life in the best way possible.

    1. The day turned out to be perfect. Grandmothers got a phone call and we had a nice day out as a family.

  2. Sounds like a perfect day to me, too, Rose. Everyone was asking the boys what they were getting me for Mother's Day and the little one asked me what I wanted. I told him just a hug so I can remember the first time I held you in my arms. You should have seen his smile.

    I was older when I had them, I prayed for them, I never thought I could have them because of stuff from my childhood. So just to have them is a gift. To love and care for them fills me with joy. To help them grow into strong, intelligent, capable young men, to give them the gift of a man who loves them like no other, and is the best example of how to be a good man they could have is my privilege.


    1. Exactly. I think mothers day should be called Kid appreciation day if it is called anything at all. I want to hear their laughter and feel their arms around me. That is all I really want.

      So many women have high expectations of gifts and flowers on mothers day. They have embraced the commercial side of the day and I think that is sad.

  3. What a lovely day! But how do you manage to keep your butt sore the next day? I love that feeling - but it never lasts past a few hours. Even for a tough spanking. You must tell me your secret!



    1. Lots of light swats over a long period of time. 200+ swats. My skin looks more like a sun burn that anything else. No bruising. Just an over all soreness. Now if for some reason I do bruise, I feel those for several days.

  4. Hey happy you had a lovely day and evening. That is wonderful that Dragon worked through the PTSD so quickly...go Dragon!

    I've always looked at Mother's Day as a day to celebrate how lucky I was to be a mom so like June, the gift I wanted was a hug from my kids.


    1. We treated the day as a kid appreciation day. Our options were six flags or a state park. When Dragon came home from work Saturday hurting and tired, I took six flags off the table. It was a nice relaxing day and the kids got to swim for the first time this year.