Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Learning Something New

My oldest daughter brought her electric guitar home for me to keep. I don't think she intended for me to keep it forever but....

I really hate seeing an expensive piece of equipment collecting dust.  No one plays it!

A few months ago, I bought a Hal Leanord lesson book, a package of picks and new strings.  Yesterday, I picked it up and started learning.  Now, my other kids are interested in learning!  One string at a time, we are all learning together. One guitar between three people.  My son hasn't shown interest but the girls have.

Lessons of the week.  1. I am capable of learning something new! 2.  The best way to get my teenagers interested in something is to do it!

Sitting around the living room floor, passing the guitar from person to person is the perfect way to spend these miserable hot summer days.


  1. I love it..brilliant. Bet the kids will be telling their kids how their learned to play..
    hugs abby

  2. Wonderful that you were able to engage your kids in a fun learning experience.