Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Pleasing the Dragon

I am under orders to write about my day.  It was such a rare day that Dragon wanted it recorded.  I really don't mind since I know it will be repeated next time he has an off day.

Warning:   sexual content!

I have been reading a series of books by Suzanne Wright called " The Phoenix Pack Series"  It is four books long and my only complaint is that it isn't longer.  I usually skip sex scenes in books.  They just don't hold my attention but this series is an exception to that rule. I have even gone back and re read some of them.

It has it all.  Strong, dominant male characters, strong woman submitting to them after a power struggle.  Spanking and discipline.  Bossy ass holes and absolute tenderness.

In every book the hero of the story tells his heroine that she is made to take his body in every way.  That he will not only have sex with her but that he will take her mouth and ass too.  When he gets frustrated with his girl, he smacks that backside and turns it a nice cherry red.

Do you see why this might be a huge turn on for me?

Yep, it was.

All I had to do was tell my Dragon what I wanted.

Touching him isn't that rare for me but taking him in my mouth?  That is almost unheard of.  It has happened but not very often.  What really surprised him was that I kept going back for more.  I was in a place beyond just sub space.

I absolutely surrendered to him.  I gave him everything.

He stopped me before he came because he wasn't done with my body.  He claimed my sex with his hands and brought me as much pleasure as I gave him.  But he wasn't done.  He took his pleasure from my backside.

All of this happened yesterday and I am still feeling the effects of it.  My body feels well used and we didn't even get to use the paddle.  My head is in a better place.  I haven't felt this submissive in a long time.

It is funny how it works.  I submit to him.  I give him that most vulnerable part of myself and he goes all HOH on me.  I will be very surprised if he doesn't have me out in the garage by the end of the week for a punishment.  Not just a pleasure spanking or an attitude adjustment but a full out punishment.

The more I submit, the more he steps up.

I have my orders today and I plan on following them.  The blog post is written.  The rest I'll leave to your imagination.  I love pleasing my Dragon.


  1. Hope your plans work out to your heart's desire.

  2. Lovely, it is amazing...the more submissive i am....the more He steps up...a delicious cycle to be in...
    hugs abby

  3. This post really brought a smile to my face Rose. You sound so happy and content. I found it the same with Matthew...the more submissive I was, the more dominance he displayed. So happy to read this.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat