Monday, October 26, 2015

Th Proof is in the Results

I think Dragon likes the changes.

Yesterday, he got home from work and checked out.  After just a little hello hug he disappeared. Out in his work shop he has a project going.  Custom made curtain rods for his mom.  They are very cute and I love it that Dragon is learning new skills.  I really do but I wanted to spend 5 minutes with him before his retreat.

The old Dragon would have been frustrated with me.  The new Dragon apologized as soon as he figured out what he did.  Making up was fun.  He decided to take me 4 ways again.

This morning he gave me a to do list.  Some of it is just stuff I need to get done.  Phone calls that need to made and projects for paying customers that need to be completed. Three tasks are absolutely not practical.  The first was a little oral pleasure.  The second task is to go without panties while I work today.  I have to sacrifice a little comfort while I do what I love.  The third task is to use a larger toy in my backside.  There are 5 sizes and the third one isn't big enough to ensure my comfort when he takes me there.  I'm not sure that even the 4th one will be enough but we shall see.  Just the thought of the largest one terrifies me.  That thing is huge.

I love that crooked smile Dragon gets when I submit.  Even when he has a hard day at work, he comes home in a better mood knowing that I am ready to submit to him.  Yesterday he had a plan.  The only problem was that he didn't share it with me.  I knew he had a hard day at work.  Maybe I need to work on being more patient.

Time to get dressed and get busy. I have a lot to do today.


  1. Beyond awesome. Keep it up! I have seen amazing changes around here also just because of my more complete submission. It really works.

  2. So very happy to read how you two are progressing Rose. Continuing to send positive energy for you both.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  3. Mmm, sounds so wonderful. We are sorely lacking any fun D/s around here and I'm totally jealous!! (hugs)