Thursday, July 5, 2012

Empty House (update!)

I am in an empty house today and Dragon is supposed to get off of work early today.  Can I say I am looking forward to it?  The bed is made, the laundry is washing and the house is almost clean.  We need to house hunt but how long can a spanking really take?  Just a nice fast stinging stress relief session.  With an empty house I don't even have to be quiet.

I hate it when the swats really hurt but if I am honest, that is what I really need right now.  Something I will feel for a few days.  Ten to fifteen good firm stinging eye watering swats.
Now here is the big question.  Will I be brave enough to ask Dragon to deliver the much needed paddling?

I'll let you know......

I just talked to Dragon.  He is on his way home.  I asked!  I did it!  Now lets see what happens.  I really need a spanking bench for those hard and fast ones.  It is so hard to stay still and not beg for it to stop.

Update! ! !

After getting lost in a city he hasn't navigated for 20 years, he finally made it home.  My SIL's house anyway.  We talked for a bit and looked for a house on craigs list.  No luck BTW.  Sigh....  We plotted our rout to look at the houses we found.  Only one of them was a possibility.  No grass in the yard, no A/C and a rickety porch but the price is right.

Then Dragon discovered the paddles I had set out.  He took the hint!  Happy face!  The bed we are currently using is very tall.  He stood me up and and told me to strip.  I was very happy to do so!  He took my clothes and neatly folded them.  The good thing about this bed?  It is the perfect height for spanking!  My chest on the bed and feet dangling.   What a fun position!

He whispered his love in my ear and the swats began to fall.  One after the other.  Slowly building in intensity but not very hard.  My sweet man didn't want me flying with a sore bottom.  He thought a 5 hour flight with a sore posterior would be too much to handle.  Why does he have to be right?  I need marks!  I need a very sore backside!  Something I can feel for a few days!

Oh well.  We found a private moment this week.  We will find another private moment when I get back from my trip.  Maybe them I can get some relief from the stress.  It is strange getting spanked in a house that is not my own though.  I kept thinking that someone would discover our kinky activities.  I didn't want to explain that one to my SIL!

I miss my kids so very much.  Did you know this is only the second time I have ever been away from them?  I keep telling myself, it is only for two weeks.  Just two weeks.  I can do this.  Fly back to the North West, get my business done up there and come back.  The faster I get this done the sooner I can see my kids!  Every time I talk to the kids, one of them is crying.  They miss me as much as I miss them.

Prayer list
*safe flight
*smooth packout
*kids comfort
*Dragon healing (his ptsd is very bad right now)
*for the house up north to sell fast!
*to find a house down south soon!

Yes I know.  It is a long list.  Any prayers are greatly appreciated!  


  1. A toast to wishes coming true.

    1. I got paddled but no marks. Oh well. Maybe next time....

  2. Bravo to you for asking, hope it's everything you need and want :)

  3. Empty house, no kids, spanking's a good combo! ;)


    1. It was a very good combo. I just wish Dragon had forgotten about my flight for a few minutes. But then again, it is probably a good thing he remembered.

  4. My house will be empty Monday afternoon for an entire week- I can't wait! Glad you enjoyed your alone time!

    1. Have fun! Right now I am missing my family just a little.

  5. Sending prayers, I know how hard ptsd can be. More prayers for a safe flight back! Just relax and enjoy your alone time.
    I also nominated your blog for the one lovely blog award-
    Stop by when you get back and see:

    1. Thank you!!! I'll check it out when I get back to my lap top. I think the house is toooo quiet to relax. And ty for the prayers!

  6. Adding my thoughts and prayers for you!