Friday, September 20, 2013

Late Night Pain Relief

We went outside to look up at the moon.  It was beautiful and shining bright.   The garage door was right there. It seemed like a shame to miss such an opportunity.

My mouth was hurting.   The pain was getting harder to deal with.  It just won't stop.   But there isn't anything a few endorphins won't help.

Dragon sat in the chair with me kneeling in front of him.   He gently flogged my chest.   Therain of lleather continued until I was so relaxed, I started falling over.   I went into child's pose and Dragon continued, flogging my back.

Then comes the knock on the door.   Brave child.  None of them have ever dared to disturb up in the garage before.   But it wasn't anything serious.   I don't think she will do that again though.

When Dragon finally got back to me,  I was stretched out on the cardboard I use as a yoga mat.  (fitness on a non existing budget)  He paddled my backside and rubbed my stinging back.

For one night,  I slept like a well flogged subby.


  1. Oooh brave, brave child indeed! How awesome that no matter what is going on, we still have tools at our disposal to help us to deal with pain and stress. Glad your Dragon was able to do that for you


  2. So loving the way your Dragon addressed your pain for you!