Sunday, September 29, 2013

Date night

Dragon asked me what I wanted to do.   I only had to think for just a minute.   Dragon has had a very hard time with ptsd lately.   One problem is lack of down time.   He has no time to do the things he loves.  

So for our date we went fishing.   I HATE fishing but marriage is about us and not just me.   Love my man just a little.   I'll let you know how the spanking is when I get it.  

Kid issues mixed up our weekend plans


  1. Awww and you know because you said fishing he feels very lucky to have you..ik he always does but you know lol...and I bet you got a very good girl spanking ;)

    1. He looks so relaxed and happy. Even if is only for the evening. Our anniversary date turned into a family fishing trip. It was the best anniversary ever. (Shhhhh, don't tell. I say that every year)

  2. Sorry your time was interrupted. So glad you gave him the fishing trip. I'm sure he love his present better than anything that can be packaged in a box.

    Many good wishes for many more years.