Monday, September 23, 2013

Getting Better

The facial pain has not completely gone away but it is much better.   It doesn't last all day.   Today I had two flair ups.   They hurt just as bad but I am grateful for the improvement.

The bad news?  One of the drugs I take on a regular basis is making me sick.   Aleve, Alegra, Benadryl or maybe the sudaphed.   Blag.   Only the Aleve is for the facial pain.  The rest helps with the seasonal allergies.   Good news is that I don't think it is any of the asthma meds.

I took the Alegra this morning and nothing else all day.   So far so good with that one.

Dragon is working so many hours right now.  I worry about him.  Fewer people to do the same job as last year.   It makes for good paychecks but I miss my Dragon.

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  1. Glad your doin better...working more hours is always a love hate relationship :( love the money, hate the hours