Friday, September 27, 2013

Anniversary time?

What was that?  Yep.   We will be celebrating our anniversary this weekend.  20 years together.  19 of those years as husband and wife.  

Not sure what we will do yet but I have a feeling that it will include an anniversary spanking.  I think that is the perfect way to celebrate.   Maybe a picnic or dinner out.   Movie?  No idea.   What we do isn't important, as long as we do it together.  


  1. Aww happy anniversary were right behind you..we been together 18 yrs and 17 1/2 married lol yup only together for 6 months and got married. but we knew eachother for about a yr before we dated.

    anyway it feels good to say yup been married 20yrs huh? It's rare these days ..

    happy spanking :)

  2. Happy anniversary and hope your anniversary spanking is the most intense yet.