Thursday, September 5, 2013


Why do men react to fear by showing anger? This is a question that has bugged me for years. Since the day my step dad yelled at me and I figured out he was mad because I scared him. ♥♥♥♥ Now the challenge is explaining this to my teenage kids. Why does dad yell when they bring home yet another bad boy? Why dad yells when they speed or do any of those stupid things teenagers do. ♥♥♥♥ It is the nature of being dad. Of love so big that they just can't keep it in. Mom cries. No, those tears are not a weapon. It is my love overflowing. For Dragon, his anger is kinda the same thing. It is fear and love all wrapped up in one package that is too big to hold. And when his emotions overflows into tears, watch out. The world is ending. ♥♥♥♥ It took being a mom for me to understand the anger I had to cry for my baby and feel my heart break. Now I Understand


  1. I can think of mothers who do this too, but generally that's more when their children are young and they do something dangerous that they've previously been warned against. Also it's usually a form of anger heavily laced with hugs and relief.

    I wonder if men do this because they need an outlet, but, as a general principle (obviously there will be exceptions), it comes less naturally to express their feelings through the same "emotional" channels as a woman would.

    Perhaps anger is just more of a masculine way to deal with fear.

    1. Men are the protectors, the strong ones. When they realize that they can't protect us 100% of the time, it makes them mad.

  2. Ooo being a parent of teenagers...I think we need to wear shirts that say "I raised a teenager and we all survived" lol.

    Tyler yells when the kids make him feel they are walking down the wrong path..I cry too...

    1. I think there must be a rule book I missed on raising teenagers. Love the t-shirt idea

  3. What a wonderful perspective. I had never really thought about it before in this way. So I suppose that when Dan sees me do something stupid that might cause me injury, he spanks instead of yelling at me. If you see what I mean. He is showing his love.

    I can run with this. In fact, seeing it from this viewpoint makes me feel very much better about it.

    Glad you shared your thoughts with us Rose.



  4. Hey Rose...I agree with Daisy regarding the t-shirt...I raised 2...3 if you count my youngest DIL (long story)...I survived and they are all still living! ;)

    I react to fear with anger kids did not ever want me to get to the 'tears' stage as that was way past the 'regular' anger stage and was in the 'hide from mom' stage. I know...I'm strange but there you have it! LOL


    1. I have three stages.
      1. Mind me now.
      2. Getting aggravated
      3. Totally melt down. HIDE