Wednesday, November 23, 2011

P is for what?

This blog is brought to you today by the letter P and the letter M.

Yes, I messed up.  I messed up in a very big way and dropped the F bomb.  I received a little mercy.  I didn’t get the punishment I dearly deserved.  You know the story.

Saturday, I knew the punishment had to happen but it was a very busy day.   Between sports activities there was no time for us.  When we finally got home we both fell in bed with no pillow talk.

Sunday, I admitted to him that I needed that punishment.  The guilt was eating away at my heart.  We slept late and had a lot of pillow talk before we got the kids out of bed.  He knew I was struggling.  He knew I needed the P that should have happened and planned to deliver it latter in the day.  Latter Sunday didn’t happen, asthma did.

Monday.  Work, late night game, huge fire in a neighboring city.  No time for P and when there was, we were both tired and I had another asthma attack.

Tuesday, even with grocery shopping after practice, we were home earlier than usual.  A quick and easy supper was fixed.  I read, a family tradition this time of the year.  I was expecting P as in punishment but it turned into pampering.

I walked into the bedroom and heard the water running in the tub.  The scent of lavender and chamomile filled the room.  BUBBLE BATH! ! ! !   I soaked and relaxed.  As the water was cooling I shaved my legs.  Easier done in the bath than the shower.  When I was ready for bed, I crawled in beside Dragon.

He gathered the floggers and told me to take off my shirt.  I rearranged the pillows and positioned myself for a long flogging.   The tails felt like leather rain.  Heaven at first.  Gentile, relaxing.  I almost went to sleep.  Then he brought out the one I call “Snake.”  That thing is wicked.  It BITES.  As in, it has a wicked sting.  Thankfully, he didn’t use it very long.

When he put snake down I thought he was done.  I was beyond relaxed and ready to sleep the night away.  No such luck.  He pulled my panties down and picked up one of our many paddles.  No idea which one.  I can usually tell which one he is using but not last night.

At first it was just a series of gentile taps.  He drummed out a tune on my backside.  Slowly the swats got harder until I felt him throw his leg across mine.  If you think that is a bad sign, you are absolutely right.  He held me down and told me to burry my head in the pillow.  The paddle fell again and again.  It hurt so bad.  I kept trying to get away but his leg held me firmly in place.

I asked, “was that a Punishment?

No, those were memory swats.

What are memory swats?

Swats that you will remember tomorrow.


Vocabulary lesson learned.

P is for Pampered wife and for punishment.    But… Not at the same time

M is not for maintenance.  It is for Memory swats.

Yep, I remember them this morning.  My sore backside won’t let me forget.


  1. Glad to hear the asthma is a bit better.. Not sure about the rest.. LOL I can't imagine punishment, not yet anyways, although I will say "H" has been extra swatty lately with my behind.

  2. Memory swats...that's actually kind of brilliant!

  3. Emi, your husband is a spanko! ! !

    Susie, I don't think it is brilliant! I think it is wowchy. But he does know what I need.

  4. Quite liking the sound of 'memory' swats too actually :)
    And Emi - Give it time lol! I totally second what DR says about H :)

  5. Ha Dee, you like the idea because it wasn't your backside. LOL. Those were some tuff swats to take.

    Dragon is stepping things up for the Holidays. I always have a hard time this time of year. He is determined to "help" Not sure I like the sound of that.

  6. Interesting Alphabet you have! I'm glad your heart feels better! Sara

  7. Sara, don't encourage him. He may just finish with the rest of the letters. Eeeekkkk.


  8. Today is brought to you by the Letter B (Bubble Bath) and the Letter R (relax) and the Number 2 (My rose will figure that one out later)

  9. I don't know when I will get to the point of "asking" for it....Glad things got worked out