Saturday, November 2, 2013


Fall is here.   The weather is cooling down and the leaves are beginning to fall.  No beautiful, bright fall colors here.  We are still in drought conditions.  The leaves turn brownish yellow,  curl up and fall.  The lake near my home looks more like a dried up mud hole.  

It is too cold in the garage for much fun.   The mice have taken over.   I have 4 traps out there and every time we have another cold snap,  I have to empty and reset them.   Not a place I want to play right now.   AND the snake is back.   It is hanging out in the garage right now.   I am sure it will check out the house soon.

Blag.  We really need to get into our own home. I really hate renting.   It will take time.   We would love to pay cash for land and build a house.   That is the dream any way.  

So,  what can we do when it is cold ooutside?   I promise you Dragon knows how to keep me warm.   That man has many talents.   Rope, scarves, knives and his most interesting body.   Can't figure out how it could be called dd but it sure is fun.

I would be willing to bet that if he was determined to punish, it would happen.   The mice would be my witness.   Cold body and burning backside.   All the more reason to follow the house rules.  


  1. Behave or the snake and mice might have a show :)

    1. Lol I plan to follow the rules. On my very best behavior. I don't want to see that snake in the middle of a punishment. Eeekkk that would be very bad.

  2. I hate snakes, but they do eat rats. We feed an outside stray cat, so she does good to keep the critters out of the yard. Occationally birds and a possum would come and eat or drink from her dishes, but that's all. Hope you do get to get your own place soon. My daughter has been house hunting so she won't have to pay rent anymore. May God bless you and yours, Belle L.