Monday, October 28, 2013

Learning and Exploring Our Faith

Every week we learn something new in our RCIA classes.   A face book Page I follow seems to follow the lessons from week to week.  This week the fb page talked about home alters and in class about using holy water every day in our own home.   Then the homily was about prayer and visual reminders in our homes.

Think... Think..... Think....

We talked about setting something small up in our home.   Not much.   Just that visual reminder.   A small fountain filled with holy water and a candle.   It was enough to remind us to pray together before Dragon left for work. It ddidn't replace my morning prayers time but was something new.   It was a perfect way to begin the day.

I am still reading the Bra maker's book.   It is endlessly complicated but doable.   It will be added to my resume in no time.   I am going to use a commercial pattern for now and see how that goes.   After a few I am going to order enough of the fabric for matching panties and garter belt.   Big busted women need petty things too!

Putting on the garter is getting easier.   It just takes a little practice to get that back clip fastened.   Dragon loves them and I feel more dressed while wearing them.  

Nothing fun to share from last week.   I wasn't feeling myself.   Fall is the height of asthma season for me.   This to shall pass.   The headaches are still here.   It is a great time to study my new books and learn.


  1. Hey Rose...your post brought back something I had totally forgotten maternal grandmother had a small "altar" next to the back door (normally the door that she entered/exited the house) with a cross and small fountain of holy water. Every time she left the house, she stopped, dipped her fingers in the water and blessed herself. Every week, she took a bottle of water to church and asked the priest to bless it for her. Thanks for the sweet memory! :)

    Hope you get to feeling better soon...sending lots of prayers and healing energy your way.


    1. Thank you Cat. This is all very new to me. One day at a time.

  2. Is it just a garter belt, or are the garters attached to a corset type garment. I ask because I was thinking if it was just a belt, maybe it could be hooked in the front and then turned around. Just a thought.

  3. It is a belt. The kind I saw at my grandmother's house. The hard part is fastening the garter to the back of the stocking. I have tried several ways to do it but it is getting easier. It only took me two tries to get them right this morning.