Monday, October 14, 2013

Dragon speak

Today is a federal holiday and Dragon has the day off.   We took a little time to catch up on the pleasure side of our relationship.   He flogged me into sub space.  When I was laying at his feet basking in the afterglow of the scene,  he started thinking out loud.

Dragon speak :

I really like it when you are as submissive as you are right now.   I can tell you to do something and you will do it.   When DD is in full swing you are like this all the time.  I need to stop using the excuse that I am too tired to take care of business.   I miss this.

Do I really need to say it?


I don't like punishment but I love feeling submissive.   I love the effect it has on Dragon. Everything is elevated.   Sex is better and happens more often.   We both sleep better.  We communicate better.

While I dread the hard parts,  I am already feeling the positive.   I want his hands on me.   I crave the paddle and the makeup sex after.   I can't concentrateon a story book .   Not feeling like I do right now.

And he did it.   With his words after the scene.   Ginger,  flogging and and a partial fisting.   Purrrfect!  And Dragon has promised that there is more to come.

So.....   How long before I am writing about a punishment?


Our day ended with more flogging (my back is sore),  the paddle and a very submissive wife.   No punishment but I avoid those automatic spanking triggers as much as I can.   Dragon doesn't want me walking around on eggshells
 He simply misses the dynamic.   About time!   Tonight, I will sleep good!

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  1. Lol luv your background I have the same one...I love partial fisting..I felt as if I could have written this post...yes everything flows better when were in sync with eachother and focused on ttwd