Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A new position

The garage was chilly so Dragon only had me remove my t shirt for the flogging.   He had me kneeling with my hands on the floor and head tilted forward.   It is a position I can maintain even when the scene gets intense.  

When he finished with that part of the entertainment,  he rubbed my stinging back and helped me dress.   But he wasn't finished.   Nope!  He took my hands and helped me to my feet.   Jeans and panties came off next.  

I was expecting the usual OTK but that didn't happen.  Not even close.   He had me kneeling just like before and pushed me down into child's pose.   He straddled my body and took care of my backside.   That position is very intense.   Everything is pulled tight and even a small tap stings.   The humiliation of the position does something to my head.   It is very humbling.

He left me in that position after he finished with the paddle and belt.   Next thing I know he is kneeling between my feet.   Only in deep sub space would I submit to that.   WOW! I am not going to go into detail about the sex but it was good.  

All this happened after his speech yesterday morning.   I think he means business.   Todays task is easy.   Color a picture.  I have a simple box of 8 crayons.  Nothing fancy.   It is a time to reflect on my role in our marriage.   I will be in sub space again by the time I have finished the simple picture.

Yep.  Dragon is back.


  1. Maybe you should post the picture. LOL

    1. Ha ha. Ummmm.... No. My bruised ass will not be placed on the Internet.

      I was going to put a drawing of the child's pose on the post but I don't know how to do that with my phone.

  2. 'Child's pose' - what is this?

    I have heard about sub space but how it is attainable I haven't a clue. I can turn off, and even go numb, but floating somewhere outside of myself has never happened with a spanking. I'm more the yelling, shrieking, kicking type of a person!

    So does the flogger leave marks on your back? I wouldn't like that. Bottom would be okay though. Our flogger is much too soft.

    I'm also intrigued about you "feeling humbled by the position". I am sure it is good to be, but I so lack embarrassment that a new position just fans my flames!

    I do enjoy to read about your 'scenes'. But in a garage? Weren't you totally freezing?! LOL!



  3. Child's pose is from yoga. Sitting on the knees, put your head on the floor and extend arms. It is a very relaxed position until the paddle makes an impact.

    Sub space is a very relaxed state. It almost feels like I sink into the bed. It is also hyper focused on Dragon. I don't hear anything else. No out of body experience. Nothing mystical but if you ever experience it, you will think it is.

    Yes, the floggers leave marks on my back. I love it. I call them my tiger stripes. I have a few clothes that don't cover them but it isn't often that they last more than a day.

    Child's pose leaves my last parts exposed and I feel vulnerable in that position. More so than OTK. There is so much more Dragon can do.

    1. Oops. I hit post too soon.

      The garage does get cold in the winter but we are in the south. It felt cold to me at 70*F. I am a wimp. We live in a small rental house with several teenagers. The garage is the only place where we can get a little privacy. I have a little mom cave set up out there to get away from the chaos.

      And yes. I wiggle, squirm, squeak and squeal. :)

  4. Wow Rose...so happy for you and your Dragon that he has found his way back.

    Sending lots of positive energy that everything stays good for you.