Sunday, October 13, 2013

Balance in DD

Some women almost never get punished in a dd relationship.   Some women walk around on eggshells, afraid to move.   They get punished almost every day for little things.   DD should be somewhere between those two extremes.  

Dragon tends toward the almost never end of the extremes.   He doesn't want me to be afraid of him or afraid to move.   But there are some things that mean an immediate punishment.   Slammed doors,  cussing,  out of control temper.   I have been spanked for each of thesejjust once.   I have learned to listen to his warnings.

Sometimes he will ask,  'Do you need a punishment for that?'  You can guess what my answer is.   NO!   But if he has to ask the question, my answer should be yes.  I think Dragon is over cautious but with both of us having some level of PTSD, that caution is a very good thing.   I'll just have to do better and say yes when he asks that question.  

We talked about it last night some.   We both agreed to do better.  The rule now is that if he asks that question, the answer is yes.   I really hate punishment so my answer will always be no.  He doesn't like to punish me and he accepts that answer.   We both need to realize that if the question is asked it should be yes.  

I know my writing sounds a little mixed up and confused this morning.   My mind feels fogged over.   I woke to the facial painthis mmorning.  So bad that we stayed home.   I couldn't handle church this morning.   Dragon gave me some Benadryl and I went back to bed.   Needless to say, breakfast was very late but I am feeling much better.   Just groggy.


  1. Thank you pharmaceutical companies for Benadryl. It helps so much for so many things.

    If you've agreed the answer should be yes, then why does he ask the question?
    Shouldn't he just do it. Just curious

    1. I take Benadryl every day for my allergies. One night I noticed that the pain was gone and started paying attention. After some Internet research, I found that Benadryl really does help nerve pain. Yeah!!!

      Because of the ptsd we are both over cautious. That was part of what the talk was about. If the question is asked, punishment happens.

  2. Glad you got some good rest. Sounds like you really needed it! Hope you continue on the upswing.

  3. StrongMan asks things like that too... "Do you need a spanking?" Sometimes I just say yes to the question. :)

    Hope you are doing well. It's nice to be back in blogland again. Things are good here. Just making my way back slowly.