Friday, October 25, 2013

Garter belt

So excited.   It finally came in the mail yesterday.   Dragon wants me in a dress when he gets home with my new stockings on.   Giggles.

Looking at it,  I have already picked out a few ways to improve the design.   I'll be making my own in no time.  I can get everything Inneed from bra-maker's supply.   I found some really cute stockings at the Baby girl boutique.   Drool

Dragon really likes the seam going up the leg and a bow at the top.   He said it is very feminine.   He likes a girly girl.   No tom boy for my Dragon.  

I have a dress picked out.   This morning, I am going to work on a pattern for my own design.   Now that I have seen a quality garter belt,  I can get creative and make my own.   No,  I am not going to copy someone else's design.   I just had no idea of where to start.   I wanted a wearable garment.   Not a disposable play item that is garbage after just a few hours.  

I wonder if I will be getting a good girl spankingthis eevening?  


A girl can hope.


  1. Certainly hope you do. You sound so excited, it made one smile while reading.

    1. I am. I truly hate panty hose. They are always twisted and nothing seems to help. The garter belt is going to take some getting used to but that is okay. Dragon wants me in a dress and wearing my new pretties when he gets home. I love the look in his eyes when he gave me his instructions.