Thursday, October 17, 2013


Dragon was flogging me.   Each stroke felt like it was timed by a metronome.   He started talking.   Dragon NEVER talks like this during a scene but this time he did.  

I would really like to start using the floggers for punishment.   Pleasure on your back, punishment on your backside.  

He paused just a second and landed a few strokes on my backside.   Yowza!  It hurt more than the belt.   He was using the flogger I call the snake.   It has a deep,  stinging, biting touch that makes me squeal every time he uses it.  

See?   It has a nice bite to it.  I think this will really get the point across.  

Oh crap!  What have I gotten myself into?   Dragon did say that the intensity of a punishment has been re set.   Since it has bee so llong he wants to start back with a slightly less intense level.   He doesn't want me calling red in the middle of things.  

He has taken quite an interest in my backside.  TTouching, swatting.   He even ordered a new garter belt.   This one isn't one of the cheap silly things you can buy from Victoria Secrets.   This one is intended for every day wear.   I wonder what he has in mind?   Guess I will find out soon.


  1. Replies
    1. I hate waiting but some things I can just do without. I could skip the flogger on my backside

  2. Floggers sound like serious business. I'm not sure my wife would like those at all.

    The daily use garter belt sounds nice though! I absolutely love those things.

    1. I have 6 floggers and each one has a different feel. The softest one is just a silky caress, then it moves up to the swead with a light sting. It feels like a leather rain. The elk is heavy and has a good thud. Then there is the snake. Thinner, tuff strips of leather. Used to hard, this one will draw blood. The last two are small for more intimate areas.

      Not all floggers are mean. Don't say no until you try it. The swead is my favorite. Very soft and light.