Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Busy Day With a Flogging on Top

LOL DAY interrupted my schedule on blog land.  But now the traffic has cleared out and I can make the post I have had in my head all day.

We started Veterans Day off with early Mass and Christmas shopping.   Dragon got some really good discounts.   I now have a new rosary to replace the one Mina lost and a prayer book that is so complicated I need to attend Seminary for 5 years to figure it out.   Blag.

We hurried home to get the kids.   Thor is out inthe ttheaters now and we are all Stan Lee fans.   Marvell Comics rock!  When we discovered that we wouldn't make the first showing of the day,  we had a little time to spare on a busy day.  

Dragon hid the presents we bought out in the garage and I joined him.   I need to know where these things are.   No early reveals for the kids. We moved the Christmas decorations to an area I can reach and dug out the light clips.  

Wow...  Time to spare and a moment of privacy?   What in the world would two kinky people do with a bag full of toys?  

It really shouldn't take that much imagination.   Or maybe it does....

"Take off your shirt, " he says as he walks toward the toy bag.   He pulled searched for the floggers at the bottom of the bag.  

" Kneel"

He took my bra off and and followed what has nearly became a ritual with us.

You know I love you. . .
I would never intentionally hurt you in any way.
What are your colors?

Then he added one more word.  "BRACE"

Talk about getting the heart going.   He started with the elk.  No gentile warm up.  It felt like a fist hitting my back.   Then he moved on to the snake.   Yowza that thing packs a sting.  

After a few swings hit the same spot,  I called a safe word.   YELLOW!  That thing is intense when it hits the same spot repeatedly.  

He stopped for a few moments to let the redness rise on my back.  Sometimes it takes  few mminutes.  Then he began again.   Swinging the whip first in a figure 8 then whirling it in a circle incredibly fast.  

He didn't take easy at all.  It felt like heaven.  

"Will you submit to me?  Do anything I ask? "

Silly question.   I was so deep into sub space that I couldn't hold my head up.   When he was sure that I was properly submissive,  we went back into the house.   He asked me latter if I was okay.  Checking in because of the safe word.   I told him that I only used the safe word when it really hurt.   He thought that was funny.I had to re word my answer.  

I only used my safe word when it didnt hurt good.  

He was happy with that one.   That was one hard flogging.   It kept me happy all evening long.   We still made the matinee.   Cheaper tickets!  Yeah!

Short and VERY sweet.   Yep,  Dragon is back.  


  1. Yay good for you. Very hot and severe flogging. Thanks for sharing

    1. It was brutal but felt oh so good. Why I can take a flogging but struggle with the paddle, I have no idea.

  2. So happy for you Rose! Welcome back Dragon! :)


    1. Yeah! And after a week of not sleeping, I got a good night's sleep two nights in a row. Happy me

  3. Good to hear the Dragon is back. And thanks for stopping by on LOL day.


    1. I am very happy that he is back to being his normal spanko self. I have missed the impact play and probably need the discipline. But I would rather not admit that part of it.

      Thanks. LOL day is always fun. I just didn't want the two posts to compete.

  4. That is one amazing way to use a few free minutes. Happy your Dragon is back...now no complaining when he's cramping your style! lol