Saturday, November 9, 2013

Dragon spanks

Dragon had taken me out to the garage to show me where he hid a Christmas present.   I saw the motorcycle still not fixed and reminded him that he had the parts to finish the job.   I lit the heater while he got the parts out of the truck.  

Putting the gas tank back on the motorcycle was frustrating.   A few dirty words and a new bruise latter it was done.  The bike is ready to ride.  

Dragon decided that he wanted to celebrat hhis accomplishment with a spanking.   He settled himself in the spanking chair, gathered his chosen tools and tapped his leg.   That is his signal that it is time.  

Pants and panties lowered, I made myself as comfortable as possible across his lap.   He started with a thick cherry paddle.   Tapping to warm up my backside.   A few harder swats added here and there.   Switching to the thin cherry, he picked up the pac .   Owie.   When I started panting he switched one more time.   Walnut this time.   After a few light taps he gave me a number.   Three very hard swats
  Owza those hurt.   Tears filled my eyes but he wasn't done yet.   About 10 more light stingy swats and then he was done.  

It was a good little stress relief session.   Love my man.   He was sick and just wanted to go tobbed. But he took the time to see to my needs.  

What is up with those strange double letters that happened at random?   A smart phone.   Auto correct insists on messing me up.   Sorry about that.   Trying to fix it just makes it worse.


  1. I just noticed more creative spelling. Sorry about that. I typed it correctly. Dang phone

  2. Smart phones aren't always so smart.

    Glad it worked out for you and Dragon.

    1. I have another name for it but I am not allowed to use that word. #@$&

      Thanks. It was short and stingy but great. I'll take what I can get

  3. LOL Rose...hate when smartphones show how stupid their programming is. ;)

    So happy you and Dragon got some stress relief. Sending lots of prayers and healing energy that Dragon feels better soon and that you do not catch what he has.


    1. Celebrat?? Lol. I tried to fix it but auto correct just kept making it worse. I gave up. The thing stutters too. hhas?

      Dragon is tired from a long work week but he isn't that scary gray color. I think he feels better.

      Okay then.

  4. At least you have a reason for your typos. My reason is! Lol

    Glad Dragon is feeling better and that he could give you what you need. Glad you have that garage!!!!