Monday, November 18, 2013

Indian summer

It isn't the rain we so desperately need but the weather was perfect for working outside.   Chores that would have been done in the freezing cold when we lived up north.   It was a busy day.   It was so nice that my kids didn't even fight.

Gutters cleaned,  fire wood cut, the first stage of Christmas lights up.   Like I said, it was a productive day.   Lots done on an 80* day.  Temps unheard of up in the mountains of Idaho for November.  

After a shower and a nice sit down meal with my family,  it was time for some fun.   The flogging ended up being much shorter than either one of us wanted.   A muscle in my shoulder protested.   A burning ache that had nothing to do with the floggers and didn't feel good at all.   We went inside to continue the fun.

Well....  That didn't last long either.  I over did it working outside.   The damaged nerves in my face had enough. It was time to get some rest and my body demanded it.  No play, no movie or story book.   Nothing worked.  Just sleep.

But Dragon still got his fun.   Since I ended up going to bed supper early,  I was up at 4:30. Dragon was ready to play.   We had over an hour to play before he needed to get ready for work.  

Best way to start the work week ever!


  1. Wow, that sounds like a perfect day. Sounds like the sweet lullaby was exactly what you needed. I mean, except for the shoulder muscle. :)

    1. I spent the day re doing the lights on the angels. That was a job.

      I didn't want to stop the scene but I had to. Some things just aren't sexy