Saturday, November 23, 2013

Yeah me!

I am the queen of procrastination.  Yep,  that is me.  I have been dreading a chore.   I have managed to put it off for over a year.   It has turned into an even bigger job.  Eeekkk.

Sorting a few mixed up boxes the movers made a disaster of.   One box is gone.  Linnens are in another box.  Most of the stuff in that box is in the garage.   Just the usable stuff is left.   One more box to go.  

I now have a spot for the cat playpen.  She has been naughty.   Every time the door opens,  shestreaks out and won't come back.  She comes back hours later, covered in fleas.


I can't have that.  Not when I am finally getting the fleas under control.  So the cat goes in the playpen I have for foster cats.   It is either that or get rid of her.   Not an option.

She will still have some freedom of the house but it will help us keep her safe.  

Yeah!  No punishment for me!  Dragon made it a task.   He got tired of my bad attitude and took it to the seat of the problem.   If it didn't get done today,  he was prepared to for the worst.  A barn burner.   Yeash....  

Hey,  I may just get a good girl spanking out of this.  Happy me. :-)

Ps Dragon's biggest problem with the cat wasn't her sneaking out but that was part of it.   She has decided that his clean clothes make a perfect litter box.   Never mine,  just his.  After going to work twice smelling like cat pee he had enough.  

I can't blame him.   Not sure what to do with her other than trying the crate for a while.  


  1. Lol o I'm queen too lol. I have to finally buckle down..glad you don't get a bard burner. hope u get a good girl spanking

    1. Shower first and then we will see. Dragon is already snoring so my hopes are not high

  2. Cats are stubborn creatures. I don't think Dragon is in her good graces. lol

    1. Nope. If I get upset, worried or mad it must be Dragon's fault. He better smell his clothes before he puts them on.

  3. Hey Rose...happy you didn't get a barn burner and hope you get a a GG soon. As to your cat...they can be very stubborn little stinkers.

    I would suggest you put a hook in the wall and hang Dragons clothes up. Then get a squirt bottle with a 50/50 mixture of hot pepper juice and water...spray wherever the kitty has been going potty. That should dissuade her from using that area for a potty.

    You might also want to grow some wheat grass for kitty to chew on...that might help with the outside issue.

    Hugs and Blessings...

    1. She has a flower pot planted with grass and loves it. She is fixed but that hasn't helped her obsession with the tom next door. Crazy cat. Now she is sneezing. I hope she isn't sick.
      I'll try the pepper spray. She has a mind of her own for sure.