Friday, November 8, 2013

Veterans Day

Here in the USA, Monday is Veterans Day.   We don't make a big hug event of it.   Never have.  Irremember going to a veterans memorial ceremony with my grandparents growing up but that is the most we ever did.  

There is one small thing you can do to recognize the day.   It is simple and small.   Shake a veterans hand and say thank you.  Did his wife follow him during his career?  Thank her to.  Their children who had no choice and the parents who had to say goodbye to their child.  

See?   It doesn't take much.  

Ready for something more? There are many organizations out there that help vets.   Programs to get them in homes, train service dogs and ptsd treatment centers.   These programs need money and there is never enough to go around.   A donation would be an excellent way to pay it forward.  

One more idea for you.  Take flowers to your local veterans cemetery.   Recognize the price of freedom with one red rose.

Stepping off my soap box now.   You know where I want my roses for Veterans Day.   On my backside.   I hope that with an extra day off, Dragon will find the time to play.   I want to write that post about how Dragon spanks His wife... Have a great three day weekend.  


  1. We have a base about half hour away and another not too far from there. We usually see someone in uniform no matter where we go. If we are able to, we make it a point to thank them. My kids used to think I was nuts but now they'll ask if it's okay to go way over there to say thanks. This is something we do all year, not just this week. Although our families have never been personally marred by war we do know plenty who have.

    So thank you both for your service and sacrifice.

  2. Hey Rose...I totally agree with you. My dad is buried in the veterans cemetery in Leavenworth and when I go to visit him, I take flowers for some of those vets around him that never seem to have anyone visit.

    Our local community has a big drive this weekend for vets including a 'fair' where vets can find help with housing, jobs, medical, etc.

    Sending lots of positive energy that you receive 'roses' from your Dragon soon! ;)

    BTW: If you have an Applebee's Restaurant in your area, they are offering a free entree on Veteran's Day for all vets...see the info here:

    A very sincere and heartfelt thanks to Dragon, you and your children for your service and sacrifice.


    1. Thanks Cat. We live just outside of a MAJOR city. I am sure that there is an Applebees nearby.

      I think it is important to reach out and lend a hand. Veterans are sometimes so damaged that civilian life is overwhelming. A little help goes a long way.

  3. The story I'm writing right now features a veteran hero, so I've been thinking about all my friends who are vets and what they've been through. They certainly have my honor, gratitude and thanks.

    1. Thanks Renee, I'll watch for the new book.