Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The New Year

The Christmas tree is down and all the decorations are boxed up again for next year.  My angels are in a separate box in the top of the closet.  Maybe there won't be as many tears when we decorate next year.  We even moved the furniture around in the living room.  I like the new arrangement much better.  I only took one small piece of furniture out and move everything else around but it makes a huge difference.  Now the room looks more put together and not just a bunch of old furniture shoved into a room.

I even have my new fish tank set up on a pretty table.  No fish yet.  I still need to get some decorations for it and a few plants.  I have everything picked out but we are having to nickle and dime it.  This payday we bought rocks for the bottom and a small heater.  I didn't want guppies or goldfish so the heater was a necessity.  Next payday I'll get the decorations and a few plants.  Then the fish.

Today we get back to our daily routine.  School work resumes and an earlier bedtime begins again. Yes, I let the kids stay up late and sleep in for a week.  I will be happy to see things get back to normal.  Wish me luck!

Warning:  Political Rant to follow

The longer we have our current president the more I worry.  Socialism is creeping in and the federal government tries to regulate everything.  They take away home made lunches from school kids and require the parents to buy to school lunch.  They continue to try to regulate those "weird homeschoolers"  After all we teach our kids to love god and question authority.  That is a BAD thing.  Right?  You don't want young people thinking for themselves at all.  They need to only think about the democratic party line.  No new ideas allowed.  No learning from history.  Just march in lockstep to what is popular right now.   Our right to own guns is in question again after yet another a school shooting.  No one sees that these kids have not been taught to value life.  Freedom of religion has become freedom from religion.  Sad.

Now, just in time for the New Year, our taxes have been raised yet again.  No spending cuts and the budget is still not balanced.  What would happen if I ran my household like the government runs our country?  I would be homeless.

My favorite quote is from Mayor Bloomburg who says that 19 y/o are not responsible enough to carry or own a gun.  Yet 19 y/o join the military every day.  I guess that is just a toy I see across their chest, loaded with water?  And for that Piers Morgan guy?  Don't let the door hit you in the ass.  Please deport yourself.  We don't need the British here telling us we need more regulations.  Many of our ancestors left GB because we didn't like how you did things over there.  If you like it better over there, go home.

Rant over.

I don't normally get political on my blog.  Sorry about that but this is frustrating.  America needs new leadership.  I didn't vote for the fools in office and I don't agree with what they are doing.  I think we are going to have a history lesson in my house today.  I may even find my Copy of "Animal Farm"  Now that is a politically charged book if there ever was one.  It was required reading when I was in high school.  I wonder if it is too complicated for school kids now...


  1. I have a problem with regulating everything too. My daughter would starve if she had to eat a school lunch! *I* would not eat what they serve those children! Some of that is so disgusting to just get in the food groups and servings they need. It's like they just throw different food items together. I feel badly for the children who depend on those lunches.

    1. 30 years ago when the regulations were not a strict, I remember dumping my entire tray in the garbage. Spare ribs with no meat on them and mushy, over cooked vegetables. I didn't even eat the cookie. I guess I must have been a spoiled child. When my mom figured out that i wasn't eating the food, she packed a lunch every day. She loved to feed me. A sandwich, fruit, chips and a snack. I can't imagine being required to buy gross food my kids wouldn't eat.

  2. Our Christmas decorations are still up. I was going to take them down, but thanks to us being sick over Christmas, we still haven't had it with my family yet and the little one wants to keep them up until we do. I'm debating about at least taking down the outside decorations though.

    We have a freshwater tropical fish tank and I love it. When everything is going crazy, I just sit down in the chair in front of it and watch the fish for a while. It's very soothing. We got lucky and got everything but the fish for free. We buy a few here and there as our budget allows.

    Your rant was spot on. When our little one started Pre-K, I was shocked when they told me I would have to buy the school lunches. She's a picky eater and has a couple food allergies so I wanted to fix her lunches myself. What really ticked me off was finding out that even though I had alerted them to her allergies, they still gave those foods to her a couple times. Thankfully she's aware of what she can't have and refused to eat those things.

    1. I had a gold fish pond when we lived in Utah. I brought them inside when the weather got too cold. I found a huge fish tank at the thrift sore that everything with it. Stand, rocks, filter and pumps. A sweet deal for $20. This one is much smaller but we don't have the room we did there. A fish tank is the best place to just sit back and relax. They are quiet and soothing.

      You make me glad I home school. Some kids would eat those foods anyway. It is a good thing your daughter knows what she can have.

  3. Hubby and I commented about how ridiculous Bloomberg's comment was too.

    I think the video games that kids play today devalue life, that's what should be regulated. Regulation can begin at home but that doesn't seem to be happening.

    1. Absolutely. It is ok to shoot and kill people on a screen. There is a part of their mind that doesn't register that killing a living person is different.

  4. I share your rant - I was just complaining today about the whole fiscal cliff thing.
    I'm not the sharpest pencil in the box, but I don't get how it's supposed to be that 98% of Americans are not getting a tax increase, but yet there IS the payroll tax increase... so that tells me that working folk, get taxed more.. tax is tax, I don't care where it comes from.
    It's still pulling from us semi poor people to pay for other junk and spending that needs cut.

    I guess it's because "H" and I now are a family of 6 and would not even be considered middle class, so $50 bucks less month, paycheck or whatever does mean a lot to us.

    Ah, well I've already said too much, I'm just sad. Sad for this year, sad for America. it isn't the place I am proud of anymore.

    I'm not really right winged, or left winged, we are very in the middle - although I have very liberal views on some things, but when it comes to my wallet - we are pretty conservative.

    I just feel like we send all this time working to teach our kids the value of a dollar, teach them that working hard makes them better people, then why do we throw that out the window as a society of adults? Where's the hard work? morals? bettering yourself? - Oh it's ok, Big Govt will take care of you!... uhm, no thanks!

    Sorry! I'll shush now!!

    1. Blag. Raise taxes and do nothing to cut spending even though this new health care bill is going to cost billions of tax dollars. I call that insanity. I think the inmates have taken control of the asylum. I am much like you. Liberal in some ways, conservative in others but mostly a moderate. Although this administration is making the libertarians look mighty good. Too bad I disagree with too much of what they preach too....

  5. Hey Rose - I very much enjoyed your rant and agree with it. When my oldest was in school, he had food allergies (has since grown out of them) and the school couldn't seem to allow for them so he went to school with a packed lunch every day. His friends were so jealous - I would send a thermos with leftovers from supper and it smelled so much better than the garbage they were eating.

    Personally, I think everyone in office right now should not be allowed to run again and there should be limits as to how long someone can hold Senate and House seats. Don't even get me started on their "retirement"... Sorry, starting my own rant on your blog.

    Have fun with your fish tank.


  6. ok, can I make a plea for some (not all) school lunches?

    ok - I admit, I AM a lunch lady... well I don't stand around and serve or run registers, but I do, or did work in the production kitchen for our school systems cafeteria.
    We are owned by an outside catering company, we have been taking steps to highly improve the quality of school foods.

    now, I know it's not possible for every district to afford catered food, but in our company here are the things we have done:

    in all school, even elementary - we offer salad bars or stations. we spend hours cutting fresh veggies!
    we also offer pita n hummus and soynut butter, an alternative to pb&j.
    We also cut & chop hundreds of fresh fruit for fruit cups daily (depending on what is in season) as well as offer whole grain pastas and wheat breads.

    I have been proud that our company takes such pride in the foods, although, some of the main dishes are still considered yucky by the kiddos, they are at least trying to get healthy.

    Now - I DO NOT support making kids EAT only school foods, that's insane as I have one allergy kiddo and one who loves to pack. I can't even believe that's happening - scary! That makes me completely irate!! We do not do this in our district...

    One thing I try to keep in mind is that the kids on free and reduced lunches can at least get a healthy breakfast and lunch - for some, it's the only meal they eat all day.

    BUT - yes, most school lunches are disgusting! I've seen the ones my sisters school uses! terrible foil tray they heat up.. ew.. brown mushy junk!

    1. Emi,I have been out of school for 23 years and the last school lunch I ate was over 30 years ago. I am sure things have changed in some school districts. It is good to know some kids are eating good food.

  7. Enjoyed your rant! yay for FREE SPEECH, way too much "PC" in the world today, regardless of one's political views, it's important to speak your mind although it's becoming more and more difficult to do it. Hope you had a great Christmas and New Year!