Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Morning converstation

Dragon got home late last night so we didn't have much time to talk.  This morning we did.

Me:  I only lasted 5 minutes on the step yesterday.

Dragon:  Why?

M: My hip started hurting and I remembered what you said.

D: and that would be?

M: Burn is good, hurt is bad.

D: Good

M: and I thought rest my hip now or hurt more latter.  Then I though stop now or get punished latter for disobedience.

Dragon gave me a crooked smile and a hug.

He had to leave for work.  I wonder if there is a reward in my future?  With the look on his face, I think I am going to be a very happy girl tonight.    


  1. You're expecting some Burn, now that you avoided the Hurt?

    1. Maybe. Who knows what Dragon has in mind. He is always full of surprises.

  2. Good for you Rose! The smile, hug and approval were a sweet reward - hoping you get the "happy" reward you are wishing for tonight! :)


  3. Here's hoping, Rose - rewards are yummy :)

  4. You know something Sweetie, hugs and smiles are worth their weight in gold. And we all love the rewards...

    Hugs, Ami

  5. With this cold rain today, I think Dragon deserves the reward. Hmmm. I am sure I can think of something. WEG

    A hot supper waiting on him when he walks in the door, dry clothes and a willing wife to warm him up. I have a few ideas....

    1. Winks - and that's exactly WHY you deserve some good girl rewards. Enjoy a lovely evening, the warmth of each other's hearts and the comfort of each other's arms.

  6. smiles, you are a pretty Awesome lady Rose, hope you and Dragon have an amazing evening!

  7. hope you had a good evening