Tuesday, January 15, 2013

worried about Dragon?

No more.

He has worked so many hours lately   First it was the Christmas season and how the flue season.  Lots of over time.  6 12-16 hour days almost every week.  Dragon is a hard working man that does not turn his back on a little work.  He does not believe in leaving until the job is done.  That is my man and I am proud of who he is.

So....  Why was I worried?

He hadn't asked for sex is almost 2 weeks.

Until this morning.

Ok.  I'm not worried anymore.

Yes, I am still worried about him but not for that reason.  Too many hours at work, tired and stressed.  Worried about bills and icy roads in a state where people have no idea how to drive on them.  But Dragon is back.  :)  As long as he is asking for sex, I know he is ok.


What a way to start the day.


  1. I love starting the day that connected! ;)

  2. Happy for the both of you. Sex for stress relief works great.

  3. Very happy for you Rose. Sometimes just living is difficult isn't it? At least your Dragon is back to normal.

    Many hugs, Ami

  4. So happy for the reconnection Rose. Sending prayers that Dragon stays safe on the roads with idiot drivers and that his hours are soon reduced a bit.


  5. Glad you're not worried any more. Here's hoping the hours are shorter and the roads stay clear.

  6. Wonderful way to start the day, Rose :) Glad he is feeling more himself, and hope his schedule lightens soon.