Friday, January 4, 2013


Dragon gave me a challenge.  Design a shirt with these features....

Heirloom lace, tucks, pin tucks, double needle stitching, embroidery and a Swiss lace that I love.

But but but.....

I have so many ideas and I have one that I REALLY want to follow.

An off the shoulder blouse with hand embroidery around the neck line.  Since I can't get silk right now, I am thinking rayon or linen.  Both fabrics feel wonderful.  Hmmmm.    If I draft the pattern and make a well fitting muslin, I wonder if he will go for it?

I know I can make the blouse and I know how it will look.  I already see it in my head.  The sweetheart neckline dipping just off the shoulders.  The soft, feminine embroidery drawing the eye.    Darts giving the blouse a very slimming look, with a hidden side zipper.

Is it worth the risk of getting punished?

Yes, I think it is.


  1. That sounds all so foreign to me, I am not a sewing person. lol!

    1. It is a different language that is for sure.

  2. Sounds beautiful. Please post a pix when it is finished.

  3. I wish I were a sewing person!!!

  4. The image in your head sounds lovely and so does the image of all the features Dragon requested. Will we waiting for pics as I'm sure you will actually end up making both. ;)


  5. And I thought I understood English!
    Yes, a picture would help to understand what you are talking about.

  6. Yeah, I'd make the muslin and show it to him. He may love it and if he wants a few of his features, you can figure out how to add them in. I suspect he wants you to make something you feel beautiful in and you can already picture that in your head.

  7. I pointed out the features I wanted to use in my drafting books. Dragon said yes! With one modification. Since money is tight right now I am going to use a white linen print I already have. I love the fabric and this is the perfect project to use it for. Besides, I don't have the Celtic art book yet to design the embroidery.

  8. Oh... And he ordered the next two books in the series. Collars and advanced sleeves! Getting there!