Friday, January 25, 2013

In need

I am in need of a good scene.

I crave subspace and that place just beyond subspace that is pure heaven.  Flight!  That place where reality falls away and all that is left is sensation.  Weightless on a sea of nothingness.  I feel only his touch and hear only his voice.

I crave the ropes biting into my skin.  Binding, secure and safe.  Helpless under his hand.

I crave his knife.  The sharp blade touching my skin.  Marking it.  leaving a tiny string of blood beads.

I crave the fire and ice.  Dripping on my skin.  First hot and then cold until the sensations blend.  Cold becomes hot and hot becomes cold.  My mind whirls in confusion.

The leather rain of the flogger.  Melting away the tension in my body.  Starting gentile.  Building until I feel like I can't take any more.

I crave his gentile hands as my body and mind return to reality.  Wrapped snug in a blanket.  Content and loved.  His hands lift my head as he feeds my a cookie and holds a glass of orange juice steady as I drink.

That is my man.

Oh I need a scene.  It has been too long.


  1. I want a scene just reading this. I hope you get one soon... scratch that. i hope we both get one soon.

  2. Hi Rose. We wanted to let you know that we have nominated you for the Very Inspired Blogger Award. The rules for participation are listed at Thanks for sharing the adventures of life through your blog.