Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday spankings


He remembered!  Even after the morning started out strange.

He got called away to work at 4:30 AM.  Way too early to be up on a Sunday morning.  His one day off every week.  When he got home around 7 he was ready to play.

I was about half dressed but not ready for the day.  With no where to go until the afternoon, I took a morning pre-breakfast nap.  Dragon woke me up with the walnut paddle.  A few pitty pats and he was done.  He does not like spanking me over clothes since he can't see how much damage it is doing.

After breakfast he realized how little impact (pun intended)  he had made.  He allowed me to shower first but that may have been a mistake.  The paddle on a slightly damp backside stings!  Lets just say that he made a lasting impression the second time around.

Then I had the misfortune to get mad out our 19 yo.  She is responsible for doing the laundry   Not putting it away.  Just washing it.  Thursday I asked her to was my good pair of jeans.  Here it is Sunday morning and they are still dirty!

I did it...

I dropped the F bomb.  

I know I know.  It is wrong but grrrr.  She can be so defiant and stubborn.  So much like her mom that it makes me want to scream!

And I did.

Can you believe that Dragon let me get away with it?  He gave me a free pass on this one.  Said that she really didn't want him to talk to her again about the laundry.  Twice in less that 7 days is a VERY bad thing.  

A punishment on an already tender bottom would have been miserable.

Very happy to have a little mercy this morning.


  1. Happy it worked out for you. I think Dragon understood the frustration. Good for him and you.

    1. LOL Not so good for the kid though. She is still in trouble.

  2. Don't want to be pessimistic, but the day is long from over.

    1. two spankings. That was it. He didn't even threaten me with the ginger.

  3. It happens sometimes they push us so hard that all we can do is scream. Glad to hear Dragon took mercy on your bottom- he was probably as frustrated with her as you and understood your need to scream.

    1. He is even more frustrated than I am. I think he was just happy I did it and he didn't have to.

  4. Ooh Rose - Wood is no good and coupled with a damp bottom? Super ouch!

    I do understand your frustration with a defiant, stubborn 19yr old - been there done that! Enough to make you drop more than one F bomb. grrrr

    Happy for you and proud of Dragon for realizing the stress that caused the oops and letting it slide.

    Good luck with 19yr old - they do grow older and wiser - if ya don't kill 'em first. ;) BTW - both of mine survived. LOL


    1. She turns 20 in about a month. I am not sure my bottom will survive until then. Yikes.