Monday, January 14, 2013

New Church

So we tried the new church.  It is another Mega church but we are going to give it a chance.  For us, it is a huge change.  You see, we grew up Southern Baptist and this is a Catholic church.  So far, much of what I learned growing up about the church is wrong.  Everything was biblical based.  All the Scriptures read were familiar as was the lesson taught.  Clean and unclean food.

The music was different, the formality was new, the fancy robes and candles.  Very different but I think different is a good thing.  What I didn't hear preached was hate.

I think we will go back next week and take the kids.

Now for the hard part.  How to tell the family!

You see, Baptists don't think too much of Catholics or any other denomination for that matter.  The topic of Sunday school lessons, discussions and sermons is often the evils of other faiths.  I saw many Mormons driven away from churches I have attended because of this.

I couldn't understand it.  Still don't.  That could be why I so rarely go to church at all.

I think for now I'll leave the topic alone.  I'll just say that we are going to church this Sunday and had a very good lesson.  Is that all that needs to be said?  I thinks so.  For now anyway.  When we get ready to join the church it will be time to "come out of the closet"

on my todo list.  A Catholic song book.  I would love to have some sheet music.  And learn every thing I can about it!

puppy news
He is still improving.  Not back to 100% but getting there.  He dropped a lot of weight last week but that is a good thing.  He was getting fat.  I have hope.  We may still have to put him down but not today.


  1. Happy that puppy is doing better. HOpe it continues.

    1. me to! His skin is hanging off him, he has lost so much weight but he was getting fat. So not all bad news.

  2. I'm glad you like the new church. I've attended churches of various denominations over the years, including one non-denominational church, but generally call myself a Baptist. It is interesting to see the similarities and differences between the religions, and even churches of the same religion.

    That's the problem we ran into when looking for a church after we got married. While we were both Baptist, the churches we were raised in were completely different. We ended up going to quite a few churches before we finally found one we could both agree on.

    One of the things that I love about it is that the preacher doesn't put down other religions. As he put it one Sunday, no matter what religion we call ourselves, we're all children of God.

    That's great that your dog is improving. They really do become part of the family and it's heart-breaking when we lose them or think we might be losing them.

    1. In our search since leaving our church we have visited many churches. Baptist and non denominational. In most we found more of the same. None of them were a good fit. I am not sure that this is the answer but I am willing to try.

      I wish I could find a preacher who doesn't put down other religions or people. I wish politics and church never mixed. Lots of wishes. My expectations are not high so it will be hard to be disappointed.

      What I find hard is saying goodbye to my foster dogs. I take wild dogs who would never succeed in a home, train them, socialize them and get the adopted. I cry when I see them walking away with a new owner.

  3. Hi Rose,
    Changing churches is a huge thing in your life. When I was gone, JJ changed churches on me and I'm still adjusting, but also finding that change can be a good thing. It's gotten me out of my box and while I do believe everything must be based on Scripture, because Scripture is the TRUE Word of God, there is so much that is just tradition of man. I'm seeing life through new glasses (as if DD wasn't enougth of a new perspective, lol). I hope you find a church that your family can feel at home in.


    1. Kady, it is good to see you back in blag land. You were missed! Happy dance!

      Change is good. I hope this a change that my family can make. We have been lead in this direction or some time but because our families will not approve we ignored it.

  4. Glad the pup is doing better!

    I'm catholic and it's very different from most Baptist churches, but I always loved it. We attend a Baptist church together as a family and its a good fit for us. I honestly don't think denomination matters :) hopefully when you "come out" it won't be that big of a deal ;)

    1. I wish I could find a church like that but I am honestly afraid to try another Baptist church. It wasn't one or two problem preacher. I wish that was the case.

      I won't tell my family for a while. If they ask I'll just tell them that we go to church in the city and evade specifics.

  5. I can definitely understand your frustration Rose. Whichever denomination, I think the problems arise with the church board and the type of minister they are looking for or the church dioecese and the type of priest they send. Sending prayers that you find a welcoming, non-judgemental place of worship.

    Also sending prayers that puppy continues to heal.


  6. Really glad to hear about the successful Sunday morning! We don't "fit" anywhere real well either. I think you and I have talked about that some time ago. No place will be perfect but I hope that perhaps this is the one where you find some connections.

    Glad to hear about the pup too.

  7. If you have question savory the catholic faith feel free to ask away- I'm a convert to Catholicism and now I teach classes for those preparing to convert

  8. I'm a Southern Baptist girl. I was not raised in church, yet there was a church less than a block from where I lived. I was invited and taken at times by other friend's families. I went to Bible School and camp, because other people cared whether I got some Biblical teaching even if my parents didn't think it was necessary. I found regular Sunday School boring when I was very young, because other children knew the stories and scriptures. Back in the "olden days", Sunday School lessons expected you to know some stuff already. God introduced Himself to me at camp. I always said that I am a Baptist, and if a Methodist Church was down the street, I would have been Methodist. If a Catholic Church was down the street, I would have been Catholic. I thank God for the people who brought me or invited me to church. I would have been like a lot of young people today, and would not have gone, if it wasn't for others. I've been going regular since I became a teenager. My husband has gone all his life. One thing that I've noticed, is that going to church is like being with family. There are going to be people you agree with and get along great with. There are going to be people that you have to really try hard to even tolerate. There are going to be as many opinions and beliefs as there are people. Some of those opinions are prejudice, judgemental, and selfish. Others are kind, selfless, and loving. I think you were a part of the wrong church, because it sounded like your leaders were not teaching the teachings of Jesus. Denominations are man made, not God made. God had one denomination: God's church. In the Bible, The church of ____ was God's church in the city of ____. I worked at a facility run by Catholics, owned by Catholics. I value the fact that they were my brothers and sisters, with God as our Father. I asked the nuns to pray for things, they asked me to pray for things. We knew that God heard the prayers of His people, not just the Baptist or the Catholics, etc. We must remember that people are fallible. That includes EVERYONE. We must choose churches with leaders that work to be who God wants them to be. If they are continually acting or teaching in a way that does not line up with the teachings of the Bible, then we must find another church. Jesus was ok with people worshiping in different ways, and he wanted us to NOT offend or be judgemental (such as the practice of eating meat... if your brother does not believe in it, then you shouldn't do it in front of him)..very shortened version. I hope you find a church that is satisfactory to you, and that you can worship God in. I wish you could visit my little Southern Baptist Church so you could feel differently about "us Baptist". We have a preacher and music director that are Bi-Vocational (which means the job they make their living at isn't in the church, but they do as much as any full time pastor and music minister). Please know that God does not divide us, we do that ourselves. When we get to heaven. He's probably going to say... You wasted so much time on arguing over the things that wasn't important... I said love me, and love people." God Bless You and Yours, Belle L.

    1. I was raised in a church until my parents divorced when I was 7. Usually some flavor of Baptist complete with church school. After the divorce I was put into the public school system. That was a culture shock and mom didn't take me to church anymore. Thankfully we usually lived close to a church. I walked when the weather wasn't too bad. Methodist, Church of Christ and a few others I don't remember. Walking distance or buses is what mattered.

      I found that after trying so many churches with the same attitude in the last 10 years that it was hurting my own faith and driving my children away from Christ. We tried a few home churches but the ones we found were too far of a drive. So, we started our own. It has worked for years. Bible study at the table, around the camp fire or in the truck going down the road. Christ has become so much more than a religion. We are closer now than ever.

      I can't go back to the faith that nearly drove my family away from such a good thing. That is why we are trying something else. I know people are people but I find I don't agree with the teaching of the Baptist church anymore. Too conservative in some ways and not liberal enough in others. Time to move on. Even the Bible says it doesn't matter how we decide to worship. That is up to us. How we baptize, fast or pray. God is only concerned about one thing. That we accept his son as our savior. That is it.

      trying one more time to find a Church family. Yes, it is important. My time away was important too. Now it is time to go back.

  9. Hi Rose, glad to hear puppy is on the mend.

    My mother was Church of England and my father a Catholic, so I was baptised into the C of E but I was sent to convent school till the age of 18. Unfortunately although we always went to Church when the children were young we don't go so much now and I do miss it. My best friend in Catholic and we are Godparents to each other's children. We are also happy and conscience free to take communion in each other's Churches.

    I teach 'Plymouth Brethren' in Brethren school and have for 15 years. They believe in every single word of the Bible, but seem to have tailored a lot of it to their needs and desires. But I love them all and they have always been wonderful with me.

    Surely the message that we need to listen to is that we take other peoples into our hearts regardless of their beliefs. If we purport to be Christians, then we follow the Christ. And what would he do? My God is a God of love and joy. I am sure he watches me like an errant child. I don't thing it is the type of Christian faith that matters, but that we love each other in Christ. To find a Church you are comfortable with attending is the main thing. Ours, when we go, is a tiny stone village church that was built around Norman times. It is in the middle of nowhere, and can seat no more than 100 people. The congregation is usually around 30.

    I prefer the teaching of a God of love, not a God of hellfire. I always like the phrase, "The peace of God which passes all understanding be in our hearts and minds..." Doesn't that sum it up? It's beautiful.

    See you later...

    Many hugs, Ami