Saturday, January 26, 2013

Very Inspiring Blogger

I was nominated by two wonderful readers of my blog.  Thank you! ! !

There are too many blogs I enjoy to condense the list to just 15 and some of my favorite all time bloggers no longer blog.  B'man and sugarann are missed.  So instead of doing the copy past thing of all the blogs I follow, I'll simply say thank you and list 7 things about me.

1.  I obsess about food and calories with a tendency to eat too little.
2.  My kids accuse me of treating the dogs better than I do them.  Not sure why.  I don't put the kids in cages at night or feed them the same food every day....   hmmm
3.  I have been a home school mom for nearly 15 years.  I took over where the pre school left off when we moved to Japan.
4.  The hardest thing I have ever done is teach my kids to read.  It takes time and patience.  Two things I am always short on.
6.  I burned out as a paramedic when I nearly lost my Pooh Bear.  She was just two.  As a medic I knew how bad she was hurt but the ER doc did not know me.  He thought I was just a hysterical mom.  He NEVER made that mistake again.
7.  Shhh don't tell Dragon.  I am not really submissive.  I keep trying to pretend but fail at it every day.  

Ps  My little pooh bear is about to turn 16.  Wow time does fly.  I still lose my cool in emergencies.  I can't put a bandaid on a boo boo without flashbacks and bad dreams.   When she turned 4 and finally started speaking English fluently, she told me about seeing the angels.  She was angry that they made her come back.  Scary stuff for a mom.


  1. Oh, that last comment sent chills down my spine. God does work in mysterious ways, doesn't He.
    Thanks for sharing your seven facts.

    1. God works in ways I can not see every day.

  2. Hey Rose - I love learning more about my friends here in blog land.

    Wow, to have your 4 year old tell you something like that is extremely scary. So happy everything worked out and your Poo Bear is healthy and happy.

    Good for Dragon on keeping you from being a skeleton...

    I once read an article about an experiment, they took the same 5 women (face, clothing, etc.), photo-shopped them and showed the pics to men and women - the majority of the women chose the skinny women as most attractive while the majority of the men chose the women who were more curvacious. Interesting thought.

    *whispering* I won't tell Dragon but I think he already knows you have to work hard on your submissiveness and I bet he reads your blog... ;)


    1. I cried when pooh bear told me about her angels. She described her great grandmother and grandfather. She met them in heaven. They were both gone long before she was born.

  3. Yikes, no kidding scary stuff, Rose. I understand about the lack of patience, I bemoan mine daily, though Ward says I do a good job - shrugs - I like the kids in cages idea, lol. You're a paramedic? too cool!

    1. was a paramedic. I am burned out.

      ps Car seats are a legal way to tie them down too. Problem is it doesn't work on teenagers.

  4. Oh wow. That's terrifying about your baby!!! (16 can still be a baby. Mine will be lol!)

    I love the kids in cages lol. :)