Monday, December 31, 2012

Early Morning Spankings

Two mornings in a row Dragon woke me in grand style.  With the paddle!  He loves to wake me with kisses and love making.  That is the norm.  The paddle isn't a new idea but it has been a while since he has used it that way.

Sunday morning the sun was up but neither one of us wanted to start the day.  He decided it was time to get moving but I had other ideas.  After fooling around like two teenagers for about 30 minutes he decided it was time.  The covers came down and he grabbed the only paddle left in the house.  Balsa.

Balsa is a very soft wood.  All pop and just a little sting.  But let me tell you, Dragon can make that paddle talk.  My bottom got the message hard and fast.  He put his weight across my back, a signal to me that it is going to be a hard one and gave me a few memory swats.  I didn't know it was possible to give memory swats with that paddle!  Now I know!  Lesson learned.

It wasn't a punishment but it serve to reconnect us.  I didn't get much done yesterday.  I felt off all day.  Dizzy and tired.  Almost sick but not quite.  Off?  I don't know.  It was a lazy day.  So lazy for me that I had the kids take the Christmas decorations down instead of doing it myself.  I need to repack them but I was happy to have some help this year.

It is funny how it works.  When I talk about DD with him, he is much more attentive.  He said the reason he doesn't punish more often is just that he is tired from long work days.  Well....  I reminded him about non spanking punishments that take little or no effort from him.  Now what did I do that for?  Honestly?  I like what the DD dynamic does for our relationship.  I like what it does for both of us.  I don't like being spanked or punished in any way but it brings us closer.

Today is a work day for him but we still made love this morning.  Unusual but nice.  I think I want to do this again!  Just before he got me out of bed, the paddle came out again.  Not as hard as yesterday but just enough to let me know he cares.    Funny how that works, isn't it?

Update on my leg.  The bruising is just a faint outline now with a hard knot still in the center.  It doesn't bother me at all anymore.  I am doing my step aerobics two times a day and walking to the mail box several times a day, just to walk and get out of the house.  Dragon says that my hips are getting slimmer and my butt is getting a very nice shape to it.  :)  I think I'll keep doing what I am doing.


  1. So glad your leg is nearly healed. I think walking is a great way of gently exercising, and you can always power-walk if you want to feel the burn.

    Good grief! If I was woken up with a paddle I think there could be fireworks! Starman usually asks me to make him a cup of tea. It's a different way of me being submissive because I have to get up and go miles downstairs to get it. But it has its benefits, because then when I bring the tea tray back up to the bedroom we can sit up in bed and chat to one another. A little precious "us" time.

    I haven't had a 'punishment' yet. Starman is a little nervous about the thought, and I tend to listen to his warnings. I'd really rather not have to go there unless it became a necessity! LOL.

    Happy New Year and Blessings,

    Hugs, Ami

    1. Punishment isn't any fun but morning spankings sure are! I don't understand these women who get punished almost every day. I avoid it when ever I can. He gives me the look and my attitude changes fast. No pushing for me. Nope.

  2. I love waking up that way. Hope you and yours have a wonderful New Year.

    1. It will be a good year. Dragon is HOME!

  3. So happy to hear your leg is healing well Rose. I am not a morning person so waking to a paddling would probably get me more paddling. :( On the other hand, waking to loving is a wonderful way to start the day! :D

    Wishing you and Dragon a happy and loving New Year!


  4. Glad your leg is doing better, DR. I love reconnecting/connecting, no matter what form it takes, though sometimes it has to come with the sting, lol. Happy New Year!