Thursday, December 13, 2012

Home owner no more

I no longer own a home.  Now that we aren't paying for two houses, up keep and utilities, maybe we can get back on our feet.

Some how all I feel is loss.

Today I am making MIL an apron for her birthday.  I am going to use the same fabric to make my own mother one.  It is a good project for me and my little flower to share.  Time to connect with my youngest daughter.

See?  Good things do come out of times of trial.  Even if I do get it wrong more often than I get it right.


  1. Hi Rose - I'm sorry you had to sell your home but those feelings of loss will pass with each check you write towards getting back on your feet. You are really doing quite well.

    I'm very proud of you for finding the softness in your heart to make your MIL an apron. Enjoy the time with your daughter.


  2. First good thing in sight.
    Many will follow.

  3. But you do get it right. Perfection comes after all the mistakes have been made and are corrected.
    Do you think there is a message in making an apron out of the same material for both your mother and your MIL?

  4. We have struggled the last couple of years, financially because of me leaving work. I am now getting disability, but for 2 years, we were taking lots of money out of our savings. Now I wonder what our older years will be like. I have also learned to be more frugal, which is a good thing. I think of all the money that I've wasted over the years and it makes me cringe. I do see good things come out of hard times. As far as you doing a sewing project with your little girl, I think that is wonderful. I still remember the lavendar skirt and vest I made, as my very first project on my mom's old black Singer sewing machine. It is a wonderful memory that I cherish. May God bless you and yours in the time ahead, as you make good memories. -Belle L.

  5. A long time ago someone wise in my life told me that no matter how good and exciting things might be "all change is perceived as loss" at least for a moment. Our hearts and minds need time to readjust and you will. You, Dragon and your children are on a whole new journey and it's a bit scary.

  6. You always get it right, even when you get it wrong. I'm sure those aprons will be amazing, as well as time with your little one. I hope your spirits lift soon, sugarplum... hugs!

  7. what a lovely gift, for your mum, mil and daughter :) just lovely idea.
    Im sorry you had to sell your house, i know that feeling of loss, but from great trials come great triumphs :) chin up things will get better. You are in my prayers
    hugs kiwi xxx