Sunday, December 16, 2012




Sigh…..  Yes

And over a fall…

Ok it was a really bad fall. 

I was in the shower getting cleaned up and ready to go to the family Christmas party.  Hair washed and body clean.  All I needed was the razor.  It was sitting beside the sink, well out of my reach.  I opened the sliding glass door that encloses the bath, put one foot out of the tub and reached.  When I had the razor in hand I put my weight on the foot still in the tub to just step right back in.

This is something I have done almost every time I have showered in this new house.  50 times?  A Hundred times?  Who knows.  I haven’t counted how many showers I have taken here.  And all without any accidents. 

I put my weight on that foot still in the tub, on a very slippery surface.  My foot slipped out from under me and I fell backwards.  The back of my leg hit the railing that hold the glass in place.  Pain.  OH MY GOD.  No that is not a curse.  That was my prayer.  GoD HElP me.  I stood there after I got my balance, dizzy, nauseated and shaking with pain so intense I thought I was going to pass out. 

Is that what child birth feels like?  I can’t remember childbirth but I know I didn't cry.  Yesterday, tears leaked from my eyes.  It hurt too bad to bawl like a baby.  I called Mina because Dragon was at work.  Razor forgotten, she helped me out of the shower and stayed with me until the dizziness passed and I could get dressed. 

Today I have a spectacular bruise across the back of my thigh.  About football sized and swollen.  Needless to say, I am using my  walking stick.  Ice packs, heating pads and Nsaids are my friends. 

Now as for being grounded? I asked about my Sunday spanking.  After all I need my reward!  I behaved at the Christmas party even being in pain I behaved! 



Until my leg is completely healed. 


Dragon says he has to keep me safe.  Especially when I seem to be on a self-destructive streak.  I think I will ask for a box of chocolates instead.  I think it is a good trade.  (Dragon just laughed at me.  What a jackalope.)


  1. You are too funny. Hope you leg is better soon. I take it the family Christmas party went as well as could be expected. good for you.

    1. The apron we made for my MIL went a long way toward mending fences. It was a good time spent with family. It helped that a close family friend was there too. We spent most of the evening playing catch up.

  2. Hope you heal quickly, Rose. Thankfully, no bones were broken. Dragon has the right idea - he serves as your protector, and must save that spanking until later when it won't threaten more harm. Good for him.

  3. So sorry you were hurt and are now grounded Rose. I forget also and do the exact same thing you do. Here's a thought - remember the razor before you get in the shower. ;) That's what I always tell myself but never remember. :(

    Happy though that things went well at the family Christmas party, your gift was well received, and fence mending commenced. You definitely deserve a treat for all of that even if you hadn't been in pain. You did very well! Hope you heal soon.


  4. I'm sorry you are hurt but I'm glad that your Dragon is slowing you down till you heal up.

    You most definitely deserve a box of chocolates.

  5. oh ouch!! I hope that your leg gets better soon, but being grounded sucks!!
    I think you deserve the chocolates!

  6. ohhhhh ouch. I know all about falls and pain in limbs (my recent accident and broken arm) so i do hope you feel better soon
    hugs kiwi xxx

  7. I would ask for a lot of chocolate. Those bruises tend to stay 4 - 6 weeks.
    And then there's the other bruises to reckon with, when you get all the saved-up spankings.

  8. I will pray that you are soon healed. I will thank Him that you didn't break something. Get well soon, Belle L.

  9. 4-6 weeks? YIKES! ! ! My leg is a nasty shade of back, blue and an ugly sick looking green/brown color. Sigh. Dragon is right. I lost too much blood and caused to much soft tissue trauma to enjoy my favorite past time.

    Thanks for all the well wishes. I am taking it easy for a few days but it is getting harder to just sit around with my leg propped up. The family get together was ok. Too far of a drive and lasted way too late but it is only once a year. I think the apron made all the difference.

  10. Yuck! Hope you feel better soon!
    definitely get LOTS of chocolate!

  11. Rose, I just got caught up with your blogs and am sorry you had such a nasty fall. Showers should come with warning signs. I slipped in ours and had a black thigh last spring. But no cuts fortunately. Could you put some of those little 'sticky things' on the floor of your shower? It's too much to expect us women to remain perfectly still and not move or stretch when in a shower - we always forget things like towels, showergels, depilatory creams etc when we are in the shower with just the right temperature going! Oh well, time for the arnica cream! Hugs, Ami

  12. Good news! I spent less time yesterday with my leg propped up! It felt so much better. Every time I look at my leg, it looks a little worse but it will for a little while.

    I am going to put sticky thingys down in the tub and ask the land lord to install a hand grip. I moved my aerobics step into the bathroom too. The tub is very deep and it is a very big step to get in and out. That helped.

    Dragon said that I can have a mild spanking tonight. Yippee