Friday, December 7, 2012


I thought I blew it.

We were filling out papers to close on our house.  We are scheduled to close on it NEXT WEEK!  Yippee. On line c of page X there was some legal jargon we were having a hard time with.  It came down to our income tax papers.  I am not sure what it had to do with selling the house but ok.  He wanted me to call my aunt who does our taxes.  He knows that she NEVER answers her phone.  I don't even have her phone number anymore.  Why call someone who won't answer or return your call?  It is pointless.  Right?  That my my thought anyway.

We went back and forth a few times and I got irritated.  Not at him but because we had no way to get our question answered.    And he kept pushing the issue.  Finally I got irritated at him.

and he gave me that look.

Yes, you know the one.

I just knew the paddle was going to be used.

I got a hall pass.  Now that is how I spell relief.

The papers got signed, notarized and in the mail right on schedule.


  1. Hi Rose,
    So somewhere there was a solution to the aunty problem!
    It just took some pushing, LOL.
    Congratulations on the closing on your house. (Ehhh, excuse me, I'm ignorant, but I suppose that is something good?)

    1. Bas, the housing market here in the US is VERY BAD right now. Many homes are in foreclosure. Whole neighborhoods stand empty. We were very lucky to sell our home in less than a year. I am counting my blessings. It is a great news that we are closing next week. We made no money and our credit took a hard hit but I will take what I can get.

  2. Hi Rose -

    Congrats on selling the house. Woohoo - hall pass! Have to agree, that definitely spells relief. :)


  3. Thanks heavens for hall passes. Glad that the situation was resolved and the papers are on the way.

  4. Oops is right. That look is never good.

    So glad the house is sold!!!