Wednesday, December 26, 2012

White Christmas

Even way down south, we had a white Christmas.

Dragon left for work at his usual time on the 24th prepared for a busy day.  What we didn't expect was an insane day.  He got home at 2 am Christmas morning.  An 18 hour work day.  We usually open presents and have a special dinner Christmas Eve but not this year.  I made chicken and dumplings and snuggled with the kids on the couch.

I warned the kids that the pickin's would be slim this year.  ONE present only.  They were prepared.  And they were all happy with what they got.   I used a gift card to get a small fish tank but ran out of money for fish.  My son offered to use his birthday money to get a few fish.  That was so sweet.  Two of the kids asked for fish but I couldn't figure out which one to give the thank to, so I got it for myself.  I'll end up taking care of the tank anyway.

No Christmas spanking for me this year.  My leg still looks awful.  The bruise looks like an thunderstorm cloud.  sickly yellowish brown with a long, narrow, hard lump in the center.  It isn't sore anymore but is a long way from being completely healed.   Dragon struggle too much during the holidays anyway to to stay on top of DD.  We help each other during this time of the year with gentile reminders.    A touch, a look and a frequent hugs to help keep us balanced.

We will leave our decoration up until the first.  New Years day the house will return to normal.


  1. Dragon's Rose,
    There's nothing like Christmas with the family.
    Presents don't really matter much.
    The Holidays will be followed by a long period of "normal" and recuperation.

    BTW, Ana, from
    asked me if you could please react on her question that she put under one of your posts, I think it was under "Christmas is saved".
    Maybe you missed it or thought it was spam, because her comment never was approved and was never published, but she really would like a reaction from you.
    Could you please send her or me an email?

    1. Thank you Bas. I left the message where it was because I wasn't sure. In the craziness of the holidays I never got back to it. I didn't delete it or send it to spam. But I will send her off a reply today.

      And yes, you are right. The presents don't matter. My kids knowing how much mom loves them was much more important. There were lots of hugs and kisses, story time and movies. Family is priceless.

    2. Reply sent. :) A little late maybe but still sent. :)

    3. Replied to you as well. :)

      I am glad that you have your Dragon home.

      When you look at kids who have piles of gifts at Christmas, they generally don't appreciate it. It's not just being spoiled, but it's being overwhelmed at having too much and not knowing what to do with it. We appreciate one gift more than we appreciate ten.

      Do you kids like Little House on the Prairie? (I don't know how old they are.) I love Little House in the Big Woods and their description of Christmas. I think Laura gets a doll Pa made out of a corncob, and she is thrilled to bits.

  2. Your children were happy with their gifts and had both you and Dragon home for Christmas - sounds wonderful to me. Your bruises will soon heal and your Dragon is healing with your love.


    1. The best gift of all is knowing that Dragon will never have to deploy again. He is finally home. Work may keep him gone Christmas eve but he isn't thousands of miles away.