Monday, December 24, 2012

The Christmas Jar

Every year I read Christmas stories to our family.  Last year, one of the books I read was called "Christmas Jars"  It is about a family that collects spare change  all year long in a jar.  On Christmas day they give the jar to someone who looks like they need a blessing.  

This year we made our own Christmas jar and delivered it yesterday.  I sat the jar on the front porch and rang the door bell.  It is my hope that they found a blessing in that jar of change.  It wasn't much this year.  Hopefully next year we can use a bigger jar and hide a bigger blessing in the center of the jar.  

I just got some sad news.  A little girl we knew passed away.  She was about 15 years old and full of promise as all young people are.  She was in a car accident and lived for only 6 days.  My prayers this year are for her family.  Now I have to tell my kids on Christmas Eve.  I don't want to do it but I think they need to hear it.  It wouldn't be right to hide it from them.  

We will make our cookies and candies.  Latter, I will fix our evening meal and celebrate the birth of a little baby.  

The gifts are wrapped and under the tree.  Fewer than I have ever seen but we have much to be thankful for.  


  1. The presents under the tree are nothing compared to the blessings your children have with you as their mother. You know the "reason for the season" and practice his teachings in your daily life.

    Your goodness brings tears to my eyes. I wish you, Dragon and your children the true blessings of this season.

    1. Thank you sunny. This year has made me really look at what is important.

      The best gift this season? Dragon will NEVER deploy again. He is home with us.

  2. So sorry for the loss and that you have to tell your kids today :(
    It may be fewer gifts, but you'll still have a wonderful Christmas :)

    1. I think this will be the best Christmas ever. There won't as much stuff getting in the way of being together.

  3. I am so sorry about your young friend. I just can not imagine losing a child, ever. The holidays may make it harder, I don't know, but I can not believe that it's not already the hardest it is, no matter when it happens. I will join you in prayer for her family and friends, and for the other families and friends who lost someone (especially children) during this holiday time. May God comfort you and your family, and may you and all you love, have a Wonderful Christmas.-Belle L.

  4. I hope you really read Sunny's words as they are so true - your children have the best gift ever - you and Dragon as their parents. I am so sorry you have to give your children such sad news - sending prayers for all of you and the young girls family. May you all have a safe, loving, and wonderful Christmas.


    PS - 'Happy Dance' for no more deployment! ;)

  5. Merry Christmas, Dragon and Rose.


  6. Merry Christmas from our family to yours, Rose. Our greatest gift this year, is as you said the simple fact that we can be together, when we thought we'd be so far apart.

    How much greater is the gift when we have so little ourselves? Blessings come to those who bless others. (((hugs)))