Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ropes and Submission

Should I give another content warning?  Maybe.....  consider your self warned!

What do ropes have to do with TTWD?  Everything and not much of anything!  We use rope for bondage and decorative rope dress.  It is never used for punishment or even stress relief.  Only in play.

So what about TTWD?   Trust!

To allow yourself to be physically restrained by another person takes trust.  It takes time to build up to being fully restrained.  We took it in small baby steps.

First, I held on to the rope above my head.  The next step was warping it loosely around my wrist and ankle.  Then tied in a slip knot with the end placed in my hand.  I had an easy out.  The final stage I'll call hard bondage.  Tied securely in place and my only way out is a safe word.  It is a state of total submission.  He is in absolute control of my body and safety.  Add a blind fold and the experience becomes even more intense.

The ropes are never used for anything I have not consented to.  They are never used for a punishment I disagree with.  If I fight against a punishment, he backs off and we talk about it again latter.  Usually my own guilt and a little time is all that is needed.   If Dragon tries to force the issue with punishment neither one of us like the results.  

The ropes remind me that he is in charge.  The absolute trust it takes, builds our relationship in a way nothing else can.  The decorative rope dress worn under vanilla clothes doesn't restrain my movements but it is a constant reminder of his strength and control.  It is reassuring and comforting.  A constant reminder that I am his body and mind.  He is in charge.

Time to give the house a good hard cleaning for company this weekend.  Will I end up tied in knots today?  Who knows what Dragon has in mind.


  1. A rope dress? Hmmm, I've never gave this a thought or heard about anything like this before............ until now :)

    Dee x

    1. wearable rope art! It can be fun. I have seen a rope bra and pantie set, corsets and more. Anything you can think up, it has probably been done. I am uncomfortable when I go out with the ropes. I am always afraid someone will see and know what we are up to. Around the house it doesn't bother me.

  2. I've heard of that, - rope harnesses under clothings - but I think I would have sensory issues with anything that long lasting - I get claustrophobic (don't laugh) in socks & sneaks.

    1. I hate shoes and socks too. I can handle the ropes for a few hours. About as long as shoes.