Thursday, May 3, 2012

Asthma Awareness Month

I find it appropriate that May is indeed Asthma awareness month.  Pollen counts are high, the grass needs to be cut and the flowerbeds need attention.  I have visions of red eyes, wheezing and antihistamines.  A miserable month for my family.

And now it is time to start thinking about Mothers Day.

Yep.  Moms put on their very best dress, pin on a courage and splash on the perfume their child found at the dollar store.

Do you see an ER visit waiting to happen?

I do.

For me and any one of my kids.

An enclosed space filling with toxic fumes and pollen.  A room where you are expected to sit still and be quiet for about an hour and a half.

This mom runs from the room like the building is on fire.  Dad follows close behind with the kids and we all make our way to the emergency room.  The inhaler is passed around the car and so is the bottle of benadry.  All thoughts of a nice dinner out are gone.  The sound of wheezing and sneezing fills the mini van.

Passing out drugs and packing everyone into the van takes a few minutes.  The drive to the ER takes a few more.  By the time we arrive at the automatic doors, everyone is sleepy, a little shaky but feeling better.  We decide to go home and go to bed. Plans of a cook out or picnic are no longer a possibility.

I ask you this?  Where is the love of Christ on Mothers Day?  Sadly it isn't in church.  The leadership is more worried about offending someone than keeping my children safe.  Than making the church a pleasant place to be on this day to honor mom.  I have to ask a question.  What about the spiritual health of my family?  How damaging are those words to my children?  For my oldest, it nearly drove her away from God and broke this mothers heart.

You can't ask someone not to wear perfume.  Why not?

Please bring this up to your church leaders.  I know there are others out there who avoid church for the same reason I do.  I have gotten tired of the fight.

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  1. I hear ya sista!! I have much the same problem and this time of year is brutal. Thankfully, my children don't seem to have it to the severity I do. Goodluck, hope everyone can stay well :)