Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Isn't it funny?  After all this time and many spankings, I still get butterflies when I know Dragon is about to spank me?  That heart stopping moment when I know it is going to be a long hard emotionally cleansing session?  Yep.  That one.  Heart in mouth, stomach doing flip flops.

Tonight, I will be surprised if tears don't fall.  I am worried, stressed out, overwhelmed and over worked.  I am at the end of my rope.  So what is Dragon going to do?  Use that rope to tie me up.  No getting away tonight.  Long, hard and thorough.   And he tells me that there will be sex after my bottom is reddened to his satisfaction.  yuck gross squick!

Trade places with me please?  Can you spare a little room for me to hide under the bed or in the closet?  Please?

Yes, I have safe words.  Even tonight I can red out at any moment.

No, I don't like spanking.  Hate it actually.  What I do like?  The feeling of a blistered bottom the next day and what it does to my head.  My worry meter is reset to zero.  I feel relaxed and submissive.

here is hoping I can last long enough tonight to get the spanking I so desperately need.  It is hard to stay there
and take swat after stinging swat.  It is hard not to run or red out.

Fingers crossed and panties down......

question questions....

across the bed
hand or paddle?
garage or house?

worrying will not help me now!


  1. Pluck a duck! This man needs to get this done and over with. I can't stand all this waiting!

  2. Awww... hehe... D's Rose...
    I hope its everything you hope for it to be. (hugs)


    1. shorter than either one of us wanted but still good :)

  3. Hope you get through it ok Dragons Rose. Think how much calmer you'll be afterwards.......... yeah I know......... rather impossible to focus on that at the time.

    Dee x

    1. In the minutes leading up to a spanking, who can even think about the end results? LOL Not me for sure. But all is well that ends well! And it ended in a good nights sleep!

  4. I think there might be something awry if the butterflies went completely away.

    I know I sure get them.

    Hope you are all reset and feeling much better!

    1. I agree. When the butterflies are gone, it will probably be time to reevaluate our relationship! I hope they never go away.

      I feel well rested and much better. Thanks

  5. Butterflies are lovely, for me usually followed by that explosive thump in my chest - then butterflies all over, and all the other yummy things that start happening in my head.

    1. I think the best part comes after! Cuddles and sweet dreams.

  6. I didn't have to wait very long. He started softer than soft. Little pitty pats. Heaven. Unfortunately asthma interfered. My lungs refused to cooperate.

    Blag.... The good news? After a LONG wait for the asthma attack to end, I slept like a baby.