Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Oh Crap

Ever have an oh crap moment?  The one where you husband suddenly embraces something you thought was off the table?

You know from a previous post that ginger is being used for play again after a long absence.  He had been teasing me for weeks about buying some.  Finally I relented and asked for it.  After all a subbie wife lives to please her husband.  Yes?  The scene with the ginger ended with mixed reviews from both of us but we decided the ginger part was fantastic.  I know there is more ginger hiding out in the kitchen somewhere.  Who knows when Dragon will surprise me with another finger in a very private place.

Yesterday he surprised me with something else.

You, my blogging friends, know that I am asthmatic and allergic to almost everything.  When we go out i carry a bag with things we might need.  Epi pins, albuterol and antihistamines.  Every mom needs a camera and I carry a small backpack tarp for trips to the park.

Dragon wants me to add one more item to my already over stuffed bag.  It isn't anything big but I will be much happier when I can forget about it.  Even happier when Dragon forgets about it too!

Icy Hot!

I am sure you have read about silent spankings on other blogs or web pages.  Capsasin cream smeared over the bottom is usually mentioned.  That isn't good enough for Dragon.  The gentile warming sensation of something I have used most of my life for muscle soreness just won't do.   Oh no, not Dragon.  He puts the Icy Hot on a much more sensitive area.  My clitoris.

Wowza that stuff burns there.  Talk about lighting your tail on fire.  Yikes.  Tooth paste works too but it can be wiped off and the burn goes away almost instantly.  Icy Hot sticks around.  You are committed to it until it wears off.  And it feels like it takes FOREVER!

He brought this up, not me.  Now I am worried.  What else will he be adding to TTWD?  Corner time?  More frequent punishment?  I sure hope not.  I like getting away with almost everything naughty.  I will find out when it happens I guess.

You can find me hiding under the bed with my collection of dust bunnies.

And for the question of the day?  Why did I get all hot and bothered when he mentioned this?  Sigh.  I must be a glutton for punishment.  Pun intended....


  1. I'm only giggling a little...

  2. Giggling Susie? I'm crying with the thought ... yikes!