Saturday, May 26, 2012

A giggle report and punishment

Oops.  I forgot to take my panties off last nigh.  No the punishment isn't a spanking.  No where near.  Since Dragon is home ALL day, he had a different sort of punishment in mind.  He is keeping me on the edge of O.  No release.  No chance to sneak in an O on my own.  Just torture and building.  Miserable.

As delicious as this is, I don't think I'll forget to take my panties off tonight.

And what is a Giggle report?  It is kinda like a scene report but instead of subspace, I got the giggles.  Oh well.  Neither one of us called it a fail  Dragon laughed so hard he went beat read.  How can it be a fail if we both had fun and laughed so hard?


  1. they say laughter is the best medicine :-)

    1. It didn't go as planed but it was perfect!

  2. Yes, my Dragon is still a sweetheart. Last night he let me have panties. He thought I might be a little sore from the days activities. Good thing too. I was up with a fever most of the night. I think it is just a summer cold but still miserable.