Monday, July 18, 2011

The Watchful Dragon

Nope. I don’t have a knight in shining armor. I have a watchful Dragon and I am his. He is watchful, diligent and protective. Nope. I wouldn’t trade him for anything.
Last night, before our weekly stress relief session, he made sure I was comfortable first. The house was hot and our bedroom was even hotter. I was miserable. He stepped into the bathroom and didn’t let me see what he was up to. He wet a bath towel, made sure a it wouldn’t drip and spread it across my back. Then he warmed my backside.
Every break he mercifully gave me, he folded the towel down to cool flaming backside. He rubbed the tender skin for about a minute and continued his torture. This spanking was light compared to some but I am still a little sore this morning. He petted and sweet talked. Hugged, kissed and cuddled. When I saw the whip tails peeking out from under my gym bad, he switched things up. The towel moved up to my neck and the whips fell across my back in an unforgettable rain of leather.
It went from stress relief to all pleasure in a matter of seconds. Some how he even made our lightest, softest flogger sting and bite. He kept checking in. Asking for my safe word. I gave him yellow once and a few times I didn’t answer. After about 5 minutes he decided that was enough. It wasn’t nearly hard enough to leave a mark. That would take 20 minutes or more.
He unfolded the towel. It stretched from neck to knees and felt like heaven. When he decided it was time to brush teeth and get ready for bed, he removed my nice cool towel.
Time to get a wiggle on. My kitchen helper is sick today. It is my self appointed chore to help her out. Laundry needs to be washed, the bed stripped, sheets washed and school work done. Ok…. That sounds like a lot. AND the camisole I made to go with my new pj bottoms is way WAY too big. Oops. One size up makes a huge difference. Back to the cutting board on that one. It will only take me about an hour to make a new, much smaller camisole.
Mt Never-Rest here I come. Where is that Dragon when I need him?