Saturday, July 23, 2011

It is official

I’m Sunk

It is official. He is a spanko. No turning back.
From the horses mouth….
You were just so sexy over my lap. I couldn’t help it. Your @$$ bare and turning red. What is a man to do?
Yep. I’m sunk. Here I am upset about being punished and he is thinking about sex… sigh….


  1. Yeah, it's kinda the way our guys are...they enjoy the view! Sara

  2. That is what he said…. He went from “I don’t want to hurt you” to “damn you are sexy.” It didn’t take long for that to happen. So much for that guy that says DD and sex don’t go together….

  3. Oh no! Now you're in trouble! Can I repeat back the same advice you gave me? LOL. Except I don't know where we should run...What did we get ourselves into?!!

    Kay :)

  4. Kay, I think it is too late to hide under the bed. A cabin in the mountains?

  5. a cabin in the mountains as a place to hide? Oh my goodness perhaps not - a little too isolated - he could really go to town hehehe.
    Once that spanko tap is turned on, there is just no way of going back.
    :) hehe