Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I didn’t think I could cry with a spanking. It wasn’t even a punishment. Simply a mid week maintenance. Yet, my tears fell.
It was late. The kids all sleeping, chores done, dogs fed and the house secured for the night. I had just finished a long, relaxing bubble bath. Dressed in a gown and panties, I crawled under the sheets. Sleepy and ready for bed. My Dragon had other ideas.
He walked around the bed to my side. Reaching down, he picked up the walnut paddle. It is the darkest in our collection. The wood is beautiful. He sat for a moment admiring the grain and color of his chosen tool. Then he said those awful words.
Roll over my love.
It started out like any other. Gentile taps, slowly warming up the skin. The intensity increased quickly. Faster than I expected. Soon I was squirming away from the paddle. He held me firmly in place. I protested but it didn’t matter. The paddle continued to fall.
I asked if I had done something wrong. I asked if he was mad at me. Never had a spanking hurt like this one.
Unbelievably the intensity increased yet again. Tears filled my eyes. It was so hard not to cry out when the paddle hit my backside.
Finally he stopped and rubbed the burning skin. He saw the tears collecting on my eyelashes and he was pleased. I didn’t completely let go of my pride. I wasn’t able to let go of that last shred of dignity but it was a close thing. It was the very first time tears stung my eyes during a spanking.
Tears were his goal. He said I needed to cry. That they were building up inside and needed to fall.
He was right. Why did he have to be right about that one?
I fell asleep in his arms with a burning backside and a tear stained pillow.


  1. Sometimes tears feel so good. I guess I'm lucky because I cry every time. Sometimes from pain and sometimes because I hate it, and sometimes from the sense of failure, and often all three combined.

    I'm glad you felt better. :)

  2. Thank you Stormy. A good cry does feel good sometimes. It is so hard to let those tears fall. Dragon decided it was time to cry and in this house, his word is law. If that is maintenance I know I don’t want to see what punishment will bring now. Wowchy.

  3. yes crying does help, from the pain, from the emotion, for whatever reason. Im quite an emotional person and my hubby hates seeing me cry. So when he spanks me I do very often cry - part from the punishment, partly from emotions built up that I dont cry about because I know he doesnt like it - so i use the spanking as a means to be allowed to cry if you know what I mean :)
    He has said during a spanking that crying doesnt do any good, its not going to make him go easier on me and that tears dont work on him.

  4. I don't cry often during spanking, but the few times I have were very therapudic.

    Did you sleep well afterwards? I always sleep so well when I have a burning backside.

  5. kiwi It helped so much. I wish those tears would come easier.

    Serenity, He put his arms around me, whispered goodnight and I slept great. I didn’t even hear the alarm clock buzz.