Friday, July 22, 2011

Confession time.....And the Consequences

I messed up today. BIG TIME! ! ! I lost my temper with the kids and said some things I shouldn’t have. C on an algebra test, D in English for one of the kids and she didn’t bother to take notes in either subject. Nothing written down. GRRRR. I warned her about that. Lectured over and over. Write it to learn it! ! But she doesn’t listen. Another kid is determined Not to learn how to do long division! ! ! We have been on this for over a month and she still needs me right there beside her telling her where to put the numbers. My son does half a page of math then decides he is done as soon as I get up from the table to do some laundry. This is simple stuff, I know he knows how to do it! Grrrrr.
This is one of those days.
Now when Dragon gets home, I have something very unpleasant to do. I have to confess. Anybody want to do it for me? Please?
I know. I could always smile and say everything is peachy sunshine…. Right?
Or I could do the right thing and face the consequences.
He may pull me into his arms and offer a few moments of comfort before he goes to take care of the issues with the kids.
He may lecture me on the importance of self-control and make sure the lessons is learned. Burning backside, tears and a very humble wife.
Can I be thankful he can’t read my blog at work? I know the kids won’t tell daddy. They would get in trouble too.
Yes, I know. The second option is much more likely than the first.
On top of everything else, the mid week stress relief was a day late. Thursday instead of Wednesday. My backside is still a little sore.

I know what to do. I need the strength to do it. I am ashamed. I acted like a frustrated child. Now it is time to face the consequences.

Trade places with me????



......And the consequences

He came home from work 2 hours early. I wasn’t ready. I felt sick at my stomach. Those butterflies were working overtime in my poor tummy. Nervously, I confessed. Starting from the beginning of the day, I told him what happened.
He agreed. I had been played. For weeks she has known how to do these problems but was playing me because she didn’t want to do them. First he dealt with the naughty child. He told her the consequences if her behavior continued. PUBLIC SCHOOL! She didn’t like that one bit. Public school means no hockey or figure skating. Nothing good can come from that. And he sent her back to the table to play catch up from all those days piddling.
The weed eater needed repair, The car needs to be timed. A room needs to be painted. Yep.
You are thinking right. He went about his afternoon like nothing happened but I knew he was thinking. The throb in his temple and that look on his face told me that this wasn’t over. Finally when I couldn’t stand it any longer, I had to ask.

I know I messed up. I know there are going to be consequences. It is all over your face. What are you going to do?

Well now that you mention it,… are absolutely right. I have been thinking about that for a little while now. Do you want you swats now or latter?

You sent her to the table to do her math. It can’t be now. We don’t have privacy.

Yes we do. Come on. Let’s go to the garage.

But but but.


In the garage there was no lecture. He pulled out a chair, dusted it off and called me to him. I just knew I was going to be sick.

Drop um.
Ummm No.
NOW! (I dropped my capris but not my panties) Those too.
I dropped them as little as possible. He tapped his lap and pulled me over his knee. The paddle fell 8 stinging times. No warm up. With every swat I squeaked and me feet came up. No staying silent for this one. He lightly brushed the skin. I could feel the heat rising. Seven more time the paddle fell. My backside was on fire. Tears didn’t fall but it was a close thing.
He helped me stand. Firmly held my arms and moved me until I was standing in front of him. Panties around my knees.
Now. Did the punishment fit the crime?

Quietly, I replied yes. He helped me re dress and held me in his lap until I began to calm down. He promised an evening of fun to make up for my hard day and continued on his day like nothing happened.



  1. My task today was timed school work with the kids. That didn’t go so good. The next task was clean the girls room. Eeek. Maybe I have redeemed myself just a little. I have removed a garbage bag full of junk!

  2. Oh goodness, girl, I feel for you! I have to encourage you to tell him, just make sure he knows how super contrite you are about it, and what contributed to it. Maybe you can figure out a solution together. I know it's hard to think about this now, but after it's all over, you WILL feel much better, regardless of how he decides to handle it. But yeah, that's super tough! Ugh! Prayin for ya and sending happy vibes! And good job cleaning the room! :)

  3. The hard part is that I know what I deserve. he is on his way home now. A few hours early. Thank Kay

  4. Confession is good for the soul....not so much for the rear. Sending pillowy thoughts your way! :)

  5. Rogue, I think I need that pillow now. I still feel sick but it is over.

  6. He spanked you and forgave you, Little Missie. Now it's time for you to do the same (the forgiving part, that is). :) Pillows on the way!!!!

  7. Been thinking a lot about you. Hopefully things are better now...sending pillows too. Hugs!

  8. Thank you Kay. I feel much better. That sick, punched in the belly feeling is gone. He is snoring by my side, wiating for my nightly asthma attack to ease. My backside is sore but I know I earned this one well and good.

  9. Id much rather confess, face the conseqeucenes be forgiven and move on rather than suffer the guilt. You did the right thing. NOw its over with and you can move on. This is what we do :) well done hon xx
    I kind of have the same thing. I was bad over the weekend, punishment is looming but not sure when. So now i have to decide do I ask him to carry it out now or wait. I want it out of teh way and done with. I guess Ill be asking.

  10. You are amazing..I could have never confessed. Confessions are not my strong point!

  11. Kiwi, I did the right thing. I was wrong and feeling guilty. Without the confession, I wouldn't have been in his arms.

    Stormy, it was hard but it had to be done. Oh, he talked to the kids and school work went better for a few days.